Naomi Thyden, PhD Epidmiology student


Advisor: Theresa Osypuk, SD

Bio: After earning my MPH in Epidemiology in 2014, I spent three years at the Minnesota Department of Health as an epidemiologist before returning to the University of Minnesota to pursue a PhD. My time in public health practice made it clear that there is a need for research that informs solutions to health disparities. My research focus is on institutional policies and fundamental causes of racial health disparities. 

I am a Graduate Research Assistant for an R01 NIH grant to analyze data from Moving to Opportunity, which randomized families to one of several publicly-funded housing options. 

Areas of interest: health equity, maternal and child health, injury prevention, public health policy, tobacco prevention, social determinants of health


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Conference Presentations:

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Theresa L. Osypuk, Nicole M. Schmidt, Naomi Thyden, Aaron Berger, John Robert Warren, M. Maria Glymour "Does Attending a for-Profit College Erode the Population Health Benefits of Higher Education? a Lifecourse Approach for Unpacking Educational Inequality in Young Adulthood" Population Association of America, Denver, CO,  April 2018

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