Playing the news is an idea that is taking on many different forms.  Casual games like the iPhone app “Guess the News” to role playing games like “Homeland Guantanamo” are using news content to create game experiences. News organizations are experimenting with using game interactions to explain complex issues like budgets and redistricting. They are also trying to find ways to make an addictive game experience generate repeat visits to sites.

We thought it was time to bring together game designers who are using journalistic content, journalists interested in the potential of game interactions for engaging people with news, and scholars who are studying the use of games for delivering serious content to have an in-depth conversation about the issues and the potential of news gamification.

Welcome to this small gathering of designers, journalists and scholars for a brainstorming on news games on April 1 - 3 at the University of Minnesota. 

Some of the questions we will address:

  •  Who are the key players in the field of news gaming and what has been made?
  •  What is it that makes a news game successful? What are the metrics that measure a successful game?
  •  Who is the audience for news games and where can we find them?  What do they want to see in a news game before they start playing it?
  •  What will the future of news games be? How will they be used in the media (if at all) and will it become a mainstream media tool or will they remain niche?
  •  What are the technological developments that can facilitate news game development?
  •  How can video, social media and actual real news be integrated in games?
We're glad you joined us.