Mostafa Toloui


I am currently a senior scientist at Structural Heart Research & Innovation team (Heart Valve Therapy) of Medtronic, where I work on transcatheter heart valve designtechnology and development. 

Previously, I worked as a post-doctoral research associate at CMRR (Center for Magnetic Resonance Research)working on  extending the MR 3D flow measurement capabilities benefiting from high magnetic field scanner facilities (7T and 10.5T). CMRR is the leading research institute pioneering in using high-field magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in the world.           






  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering - University of Minnesota 
  • MSc., Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics - University of Minnesota.
  • MSc., Bio-mechanical Engineering - Sharif University of Technology
  • BSc., Mechanical Engineering in Heat & Fluids - Isfahan University of Technology. 

Research Expertise 
  • Experimental & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Cardiovascular Mechanics
  • Imaging: 
    1. 2D & 3D Image Processing, 
    2. Optical Sys. Design, 
    3. Optical Flow Diagnostics Development
    4. Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) - High & Ultra High Field MR
  • Wall-bounded Turbulence
  • Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
  • Predictive Engineering: Statistical analysis and machine learning (ML) 

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