Spring 2017

  • February 6th--Stacie Goddard (Wellesley College)
    • "The Rise of the Cult of Precision: The rhetorical politics of airpower, 1920-1945."
    • Discussant comments by Bryan Nakayama
  • February 13th--Arnulf Becker Lorca (Brown University)
    • "Titu Cusi Yupanqui's Account: the Tawantisuyo Invaded by Demons" (from his upcoming project The First Global War: Law's Violence in the Western Colonial Expansion)
    • in Room SOCIAL SCIENCES 710
    • Discussant comments by Maria Mendez Gutierrez
  • March 6th--Grad Student Project Workshop
    • Short presentations of paper and article ideas by Political Science graduate students; instructions and requests for submissions to be circulated shortly!
  • March 20th--Layna Mosley (UNC Chapel Hill)
    • Title to be announced
  • April 3rd--Mark Bell (University of Minnesota)
    • Title to be announced
  • April 10th--Robert Vitalis (UPenn)
    • Co-sponsored as part of the Committee on Equity and Diversity's spring colloquium series
    • Title to be announced
  • April 24th--Shampa Biswas (Whitman College)
    • First annual UofM Alumnus Speaker series
    • Title to be announced
  • May 1st--Bridget Marchesi (University of Minnesota)
    • Title to be announced
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