Welcome to the Eagan High School Chapter of BPA.

The primary purpose of this site is to inform new members about the benefits of joining Business Professionals of America. Current BPA members can use this site to learn about upcoming events and meetings. This site will also serve as a download center for those who need forms signed by Mr. Kovach. 

Why Join BPA?

  1. If you win awards in the Workplace Skill Assessment events in the state or national competitions, you can include a great addition to your college application!
  2. If you join BPA, you will make more friends in your own school. If you start conversations in the region, state, and national competitions, you can also make friends from other schools too! (And who doesn't like friends?)
  3. If you spend a lot of time studying for an event, you can learn lifelong skills in business related fields. You can also develop valuable skills and a strong work ethic by working on a WSAP project. 
  4. And if you get really lucky, Kovach will give you access to his private hotline.

List of Current Members

Luke Aarested Jeffrey Ah PookMolly Altermatt
Anusha ArcalgudCarter AronsonLucas Aronson
Elizabeth BelfioriMatthew BrotzmanSophia Buchmayer
Brandon CarlDana CasellaPeter Chey
Josh EdelsteinIsaac EgwimKevin Feil
Katie FischerMax GoldbergerMatt Gustafson
Berit HansenNoah HillesheimBartosz Janczuk
Ricky KamrudUte KoshtiJoe Kovach
Paige KovachKevin McMonagleRidhima Mishra
Alec NortonMadeline O'ConnorNick Pakan-Klemp
Hannah PavekClaire PeltonRaj Purhoit
Alix PutmanMelanie QuickSubha Revichandran
Zara RazaWill ReinartsLinde Schaeffer
Haleigh SimonGabrielle SimonMallory Stock
Camille StranikJake SzokaAisha Tahir
Rayyaan UsmaniGrace Wilson

Notable Achievements of the EHS BPA Chapter

2014: Erik Hillesheim, Matthew Brotzman, Max Goldberger, Berit Hansen, Melanie Quick , and Ridhima Mishra competed in Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ridhima Mishra was elected State President.

2013: Erik Hillesheim was elected State President.

2012: Sylesh Volla was elected State Executive Vice President. Vaibhav Sharma was elected State Executive Treasurer. 

2011: Saurabh Mishra, Vaibhav Sharma, and Sylesh Volla competed in Nationals in Washington D.C. Soren Hansen was elected State President.

2010: Vaibhav Sharma, Sylesh Volla, and Viroopa Volla competed in Nationals in Anaheim, California. Priya Vasireddy was elected State Historian.

2009: Viroopa Volla competed in Nationals in Dallas, Texas. Volla was elected State President.

2008: Holly Koski and Viroopa Volla competed in Nationals in Reno, Nevada.

Ridhima Mishra,
Mar 21, 2015, 8:32 PM