Fifth year Ph.D. student, University of Minnesota Division of Biostatistics

B.S., Microbiology, Miami University, 2013

Research Interests: I am primarily interested in multi-source data, high-dimensional data, and statistical genetics.  On the application side, I am interested in cancer and infectious disease research.  I also have an interest in computing; in addition to R, I am familiar with the Python, Java, and C++ languages. 

Advisor: Eric Lock

I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  I got my bachelor's degree in microbiology at Miami University (Ohio), where I did undergraduate research in immunology.  Coming from a very musical family, naturally music has played a huge role in my life; I have played trombone in various bands both at Miami and here at Minnesota.  I also enjoy sports, especially football, and I have organized a division of biostatistics intramural flag football team the past three years (fall 2015 champions!).