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Scots, wha hae wi Wallace Bled

Collection of ballads, songsheets. 2 vols. London: J. Pitts, 1805­1840? University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 Z. Vol. 1.

Pasted to album leaf 140: half-sheet.

Scots, wha hae wi Wallace Bled

Pitts Printer  Toy and Marble Warehouse
6 Great st. Andrew street 7 dials.
          SCOTS wha hae wi' Wallace bled,
          Scots wham Bruce has often led,
          Welcome to your gory bed,
                  On to Victory!
          Now's the day and now's the hour,
          See the front of battle o'er,
          See approach proud Edwards power,
                  Chains and slavery,

          Wha will be a traitor knave,
          Wha can fill a coward's grave
          Wha will be so base a knave
                  Traitor coward turn and flee,
          Wha for Scotlands King and laws
          Freeman's sword will strongly draw
          Freeman stand or freeman fa
                  Caledonian on wi' me

          By oppressions woes and pains
          By your sons in servile chains
          We will drain our dearest veins
                  But they shallóóshall be free
          Lay the proud usurper low
          Tyrants fall in every blow
          Liberty's in every blow
                  Forward let us do or die!

Written by Robert Burns, first published in 1794; see Representative Poetry On-line, ed. Ian Lancaster.  Broadside transcription and HTML-coding by Brett Single; pointed brackets mark conjectural readings and emendations.  For commentary see Brett Single, "Celtic History and Politics in The Ballads of Seven Dials."

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