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Futurist Manifestos (abstract)

  • Futurist Manifestos. Ed. Umbro Apollonio.  New York: Viking , 1973.
THIS BOOK IS excellent primary-source material for those interested the early Italian Futurist circle, 1909ñ1913. It includes 34 manifestoes written during this period, published in the journals La Voce, Lacerba, and Poesia, here translated into English. Also included is a chronology of the movement from 1909 to 1918, a short bibliography of other Futurist writings, and a number of reproductions of Futurist paintings, photos, and pages from books and magazines. The topics of the manifestos include poetry, painting, sculpture, theater, music, cinema, and photography. The writers include Marinetti, Carra, Boccioni, Balla, and Sofficióall of them important to the development and subsequent communication of Futurist ideals. (Rebecca Scherr.)

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