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Meisel, Realizations (abstract)

  • Martin Meisel. Realizations: Narrative, Pictorial, and Theatrical Arts in Nineteenth-Century England. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1983.
ANOTHER fabulously useful study for my research. Although in many ways Meisel's project is aligned with Altick's (Pictures from Books), Meisel goes Altick one better by fully incorporating theater into his study. He also makes some useful distinctions in terms (realization vs. illustration, for example) that Altick neglects. Meisel's organizational principles are different from Altick's: Meisel devotes entire chapters to specific artists and to popular categories of subjects (for example, "Perils of the Deep," and "Prisoner's Base"). He also includes historical information not of the social-history variety that Altick favors: for example, "Royal Situations," or "Napoleon; or, History as Spectacle." Happily, the two do not duplicate each other too much in the paintings chosen for plates. (Still no color, though). (Rachel Mines.)

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