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Text and Image: Selective Annotated Bibliography

Text and Image: Selective Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography of articles and book chapters about text-image relationships has been prepared by students in a graduate seminar, English 8710, Studies in Criticism: Text and Image (University of Minnesota, Fall 1997). The items selected for attention here reflect individual interests and are not supposed to "cover" the field; altogther some sixty items will be reported. Other bibliographical references are listed in the syllabus for the seminar.

  • 1997. Rusche, Harry. Shakespeare Illustrated. Abstract.
  • 1997. Tufte, Edward R. "Visual Confections: Juxtapositions from the Ocean of the Streams of Story." Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative. Cheshire, CT: Graphics Press. 121-51. Abstract.
  • 1996. John Tolva. "Ut Pictura Hyperpoesis: Spatial Form, Visuality, and the Digital Word." Abstract.
  • 1995. Blum, Cinzia Sartini. "Transformations in the Futurist Technological Mythopoeia." Philological Quarterly 74: 77-97. Abstract.
  • 1995. The New Child:  British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood, 1730-1830.   James Christen Stewart, curator. Berkeley: U Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, U of California. Abstract.
  • 1995. Pineda, Victoria. "Speaking about Genre: The Case of Concrete Poetry."New Literary History 26: 379-93. Abstract.
  • 1994. Drucker, Johanna. The Visible Word: Experimental Typography and Modern Art, 1909-1923. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1994. Ch.1, "Semiotics, Materiality and Typographic Practice," 1-47; ch.2, "Visual and Literary Materiality in Modern Art," 49-89. Abstract.
  • 1994. Mitchell, W. J. T. "Ekphrasis and the Other." Picture Theory. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1994. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1993. Viscomi, Joseph. Blake and the Idea of the Book. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP. Introduction. i-xxxii. Abstract.
  • 1992. Richter, Simon. "Laocoon's Two Bodies," and "Winckelmann: Laocoon and the Eunuch." Laocoon's Body and the Aesthetics of Pain: Winckelmann, Lessing, Herder, Moritz, Goethe. Detroit: Wayne State UP. 13-37, 38-61. Abstract.
  • 1992. Stewart, Philip. "Text, Image and Allegory." Engraven Desire: Eros, Image and Text in the French Eighteenth Century. Duke UP: Durham, NC. 1-38. Abstract.
  • 1991. Cannon-Brookes, Peter. The Painted Word: British History Painting , 1750-1830. Woodbridge, Engl.: Boydell Press. Abstract.
  • 1990. Crary, Jonathan. Techniques of the Observer: On Vision and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Abstract.
  • 1989. Varga, A. Kibedi. "Criteria for Describing Word and Image Relations."Poetics Today 10 (1989): 31-53. Abstract.
  • 1988. Shaw, Mary Lewis. "Concrete and Abstract Poetry: The World as Text and the Text as World." Visible Language 43 (1988-89): 29-43. Abstract.
  • 1986. Herrstrom, David Sten. "Blake's Redemption of God in the Laocoon: Literal Incarnation and the Marriage of Picture and Text." Perspective: Art, Literature, Participation. Ed. Mark Neuman and Michael Payne. Bucknell UP:  London and Toronto, 1986. 37-71. Abstract.
  • 1986. Lister, Raymond. The Paintings of William Blake. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. Abstract.
  • 1985. Altick, Richard. Pictures from Books: Art and Literature in Britain,1760-1900.Columbus: Ohio State UP. Abstract.
  • 1985. Showalter, Elaine. "Representing Ophelia: Women, Madness, and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism." Shakespeare and the Question of Theory. Ed. Patricia Parker and Geoffrey Hartman. New York: Routledge. 77-94. Abstract.
  • 1984. Warner, Janet A. Blake and the Language of Art. Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP. Abstract.
  • 1983. James, David E. "Blake's Laocoon: A Degree Zero of Literary Production".PMLA98 (1983): 226-36. Abstract.
  • 1983. Meisel, Martin. Realizations: Narrative, Pictorial, and Theatrical Arts in Nineteenth-Century England. Princeton: Princeton UP. Abstract.
  • 1982. Hodnett, Edward. Image and Text: Studies in the Illustration of English Literature. London: Scolar Press. Abstract.
  • 1981. Golini, Vera. "Toward a Structural Analysis of 'Parole in Liberta,' Published in 'Lacerba' and 'Poesia.'" Canadian Journal of Italian Studies4: 277-98. Abstract.
  • 1973. Foucault, Michel. This is Not a Pipe. Transl. James Harkness. Berkeley: U of California P. Abstract.
  • 1973. Futurist Manifestos. Ed. Umbro Apollonio.  New York: Viking . Abstract.
  • 1972. Berger, John. Ways of Seeing. London: Penguin, 1972. Abstract.
  • 1970. Barthes, Roland. "The Third Meaning: Research Notes on Several Eisenstein Stills." The Responsibility of Forms: Critical Essays on Music, Art, and Representation. Transl. Richard Howard.  Berkeley: U of California P, 1985. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1970. Bowler, Berjouli. The Word as Image. London: Studio Vista. Abstract.
  • 1969. Sparrow, John. Visible Words: A Study of Inscriptions in and as Works of Art. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. Ch. 1, "The Evolution of the Inscription," 1-35; ch. 3, "The Inscription as a Literary Form," 101-35;  "Conclusion," 136-44. Abstract.
  • 1967. Barthes, Roland. Section I (Chapters 1-4): Method. The Fashion System. Transl. Matthew Ward and Richard Howard. New York: Hill, 1983. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1967. Krieger, Murray. "Appendix: 'Ekphrasis and the Still Movement of Poetry; or Laokoön Revisited.'" Ekphrasis. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1992. 263-88. Abstract.
  • 1966. Foucault, Michel. "Las Meninas." The Order of Things. New York:  Random. 3-16. Abstract.
  • 1964. Roland Barthes. "Rhetoric of the Image." The Responsibility of Forms: Critical Essays on Music, Art and Representation. Transl. Richard Howard. Berkeley: U of California P, 1985. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1961. Barthes, Roland. "The Photographic Message." Transl. Richard Howard.The Responsibility of Forms: Critical Essays on Music, Art and Representation.Berkeley: U of California P, 1985. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1958. Jean Hagstrum. "Preface" and "Introduction."The Sister Arts: The Tradition of Literary Pictorialism and English Poetry from Dryden to Gray. Chicago: U of Chicago P. vi-xxii. Abstract.
  • 1951. Stevens, Wallace. "The Relations Between Poetry and Painting." The Necessary Angel. New York: Random, 1951. 159-76. Abstract.
  • 1913. Bryant, Frank Egbert. "On the Limits of Descriptive Writing, apropos of Lessing's Laocoon." A History of English Balladry, and Other Studies. Boston: R. G. Badger. 000-000. Abstract.
  • 1910. Babbitt, Irving.  The New Laokoon: An Essay on the Confusion of the Arts. Boston: Houghton. Abstract.
  • C. 1510. Da Vinci, Leonardo. "Poetry and Painting." Paragone: A Comparison of the Arts. Transl. Irma Richter. London: Oxford UP, 1944. 36-69. Abstract.

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