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Collection of ballads, broadsides: Draw the Sword, Scotland

Collection of ballads, songsheets. 2 vols. London: J. Pitts, 1805­1840? University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 Z. Vol. 2.

Broadside titled "The Humourist," containing the ballads "Draw the Sword, Scotland," "The Devil and the Hackney Coachman," "There you go with your Eye out," "The Oyster Girl," "The Rose Will Cease to Blow," "The Light Guitar," "Comin' Thro' The Rye," "Hope Told A Flattering Tale," "The Thorn," "Sailor's Harvest Home," "Glorious Apollo," "Away With Melancholy," "Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue," "Wapping Old Stairs," and an untitled ballad, marked "Sung by Miss Stephens".

<Image: wood engraving showing three pairs of dancers at a ball (two pairs in the middle distance to the left and the right, and one in the center foreground), an orchestra apparent along a balcony in the background.>

Draw the Sword, Scotland

Draw the sword, Scotland, Scotland Scotland,
Over moor & mountain hath passed the war
The Pibroch is pealing, pealing, pealing
Wha heeds not its summons is nae son of thine,
The clans they are gathering, gathering, gathering,
The clans they are gathering, by lock and by lee,
The banners they are flying, flying, flying,
The banners they are flying that <l>eads to Victory,
Sheath the sword <S>cotland Scotland Scotland Scotland,
Charge as you have charged in the day<s> of lang syne,
Sound to the onset, the onset, the onset.
He who now falters is nae son o' thine<.>
Sheath the sword Scotland Scotland <S>cotland,
Sheathe the sword Scotlandódim'd is its shine,
Thy foemen are fleeing, fleeing, fleeing
And wha kens no mercy is ne'r son o' thine.

Transcription and HTML coding by Brett Single.  Pointed brackets mark conjectural readings and emendations.  For commentary,  see Brett Single, "Celtic History and Politics in The Ballads of Seven Dials."

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