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Michael Hancher: Survey of English Literature . . .

Engl 3113
Survey of English Literature: The Nineteenth Century
Spring 1995, 9:45-11:00 TTh, SciCB 375 (team-taught with Professor Gordon Hirsch)

This course is part of an optional sequence of three quarters, an "historical survey of major figures, movements, and trends in English literature" (CLA Bulletin). It will consider poetry and prose, both fictional and nonfictional, written by men and women, famous and obscure, rich, poor, and middle-class, across the nineteenth century, the most expansive century of English literature. Despite the Bulletin description, not everything we read will be certifiably "major"; in fact, the question of what counts as "major" (or "the best," as one of our authors put it), and how and why, is a set of questions that we hope you will ponder. Some attention will be given to the visual culture of nineteenth-century England, ranging from broadsides through book and magazine illustrations, and photographs (photography was invented in the nineteenth century), to paintings; all of which enriched and complicated the literature of the period. (English 3119 will satisfy half of the pre-1900 General Literary Studies requirement for a Major in English.)

  • Class time: 75% lecture, 25% discussion.
  • Workload: 50 to 300 pages of reading a week (depending on genre); three papers; midterm exam; final exam.
  • Grade: 20% two short papers (combined); 25% longer paper; 20% midterm exam; 25% final exam; 10% class participation
  • Exam format: some objective component; a choice of essay questions.

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