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Michael Hancher: Classics of Literary Criticism

English 5711
Classics of Literary Criticism

Michael Hancher
Fall 1996
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 11:15-12:05
Lind Hall 229

A survey of basic texts in classical (Greek and Roman) criticism, read in English translations; and of influential texts in the English critical tradition from Sir Philip Sidney to T. S. Eliot. These critical works pay special attention to the genres of drama and poetry, although they have broader implications. Leading topics include the uses of writing and of representation (imitation); sources of the artist's creativity; the propriety of censorship. Since this course ends around 1920, some previous experience of drama or poetry written before the modern period would be appropriate. Not a course in academic theory, though preparatory to more advanced work.

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Michael Hancher

Department of English, University of Minnesota

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Created 9 July 1996

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