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Collection of eighty street ballads: Money is Your Friend

Collection of eighty street ballads on forty sheets, mostly with a woodcut printed at London, the majority by J. Catnach (1820ñ1830). London: n.p., n.d.

University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 C683.

Pasted to album leaf 35: broadside containing "Request of the Poor" (left column) and "Money is your Friend" (right column).

<Image: wood engraving of tools, including a shovel and a lawn-roller (?), resting against a tree stump, backed by foliage.>

Money is your Friend

J. Catnach, Printer, 2, Monmouth-court, 7 Dials.

OF friendship I have heard much talk
   But you'll find in the end,
That If distressed at any time,
   Then money is your friend.

      Yes, money is your friendóis it not
      Yes, money is your friendóis it not
      Is it not ?óis it not?ópray tell me now,
      Yes, money<!> money! is your friend<.>

If you are sick and like to die,
   And for the doctor send,
To him you must advance a fee,
   Then money is your friend.

If you should have a suit at law,
   On which you much depend,
You must pay the lawyer and brief,
   Then money is your friend.

Then let me have but store of gold,
   From ills it will defend;
In every exigence of life,
   Dear money is your friend,
                                Yes, money, &c<.>

Basic transcription by Brett Single.
Pointed brackets mark emendations.

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Created 20 April 1997