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Michael Hancher: publications re language, literature, and the law

Language, literature, and the law

  • “Speech Acts and the Law.” Language Use and the Uses of Language. Ed. Roger W. Shuy and Anna Shnukal. Washington: Georgetown University Press, 1980. 245-56. Abstract.
  • “What Kind of Speech Act is Interpretation?” Poetics 10 (1981): 263-82. Abstract.
  • “Dead Letters: Wills and Poems.” Texas Law Review 60 (1982): 507-25. Abstract.
  • ---. Reprinted in Interpreting Law and Literature: A Hermeneutic Reader. Ed. Sanford Levinson and Steven Mailloux. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1989. 101-114, 429- 33.
  • Billy Budd: Famous Last Words.” Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature 1 (1989): 109-21. Abstract.
  • “Judging Law and Literature” (review essay). University of Cincinnati Law Review 58 (1990): 989-1001. Abstract.
  • “The Law of Signatures.” Law and Aesthetics. Ed. Roberta Kevelson. New Studies in Aesthetics 11. New York: Lang, 1992. 227-43. Abstract.
  • Littera scripta manet: Blackstone and Electronic Text.” Studies in Bibliography 54 (2001 [2003]): 115–32.

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