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Collection of eighty street ballads: The Keel Row

Collection of eighty street ballads on forty sheets, mostly with a woodcut printed at London, the majority by J. Catnach (1820­1830). London: n.p., n.d. University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 C683.

Pasted to album leaf 17: broadside containing "The Golden Glove" (left column) and "The Keel Row" and "The Minute-Gun at Sea" (right column).

<Image: wood engraving of ornamental harp and foliage.>

The Keel Row

J. Catnach, Printer, 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials
sold by J. Pierce, Southborough.

AS I came through the Cannon-gate,
   I heard a lassie sing,
Oh, weel may the keel row,
   The ship that my love's in,
He wears a blue bonnet,
   <W>ith a dimple in his chin.

My love he wears a bonnet,
   <W>ith two snow white roses on it,
And a dimple in his chin.óweel may, &c.

Charlie thou art my darling,
And so is the bonny shiel,óweel may, &c.

My love has breath of roses,
<W>ith arms of lily posies,
To roll a lassie in,óweel may, &c.

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