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Collection of ballads, songsheets: The Bold Irishman

Collection of ballads, songsheets. 2 vols. London: J. Pitts, 1805­1840? University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 Z. Vol. 1.


Printed title: The Bold Irishman,

The Bold Irishman

Pitts Printer wholesale Toy & Marble Warehouse, 6, Great St. Andrew Street, 7 Dials
        I AM a bold Irishman just come to town
        To view London city of fame & renown
        And when I came there people used to walk
        The name that I gave it was Hyde Park
                            fal de ral, &c.
        I was in a hurry until I got there
        By my soul you'd have thought I was going to the fair
        For when I came there they were making a rout,
        About 2 naked buffer<s> who were buffing it out

        Great fencing there was but devil a stroke,
        Thought I to myself, it was all a joke,
        I said my brave bullies leave off your ticks
        For its my country fashion to box with 2 sticks.

        A blustering bully with a head like a Turk
        Says welcome from Ireland, sweet Paddy from Cork
        Arrah turn you round Pat, for I've been a kin
        For I never yet see a coat buttoned behind

        A beef headed butcher was then standing by
        Cries Paddy you rogue I'll bung up your eye
        Such blustering words made my heart ache
        For fear of my eyes not a word dare I speak

        It's I have been up to the word of command
        I took my shillelah right fast in my hand
        I hit those 2 bullies right over the head
        By my soul you'd have thought the'yd been seven years dead,

        The bully that said he'd bung up my eye,
        I tipt him a grinder as I passed by,
        I let him to know as he lay in his gore,
        That an Irishmans coat was buttoned before

        In less than 10 minutes the green it was clear
        The devil a bully was there to appear
        Says one to the other, I'd have you run quick
        You see the wild Irishman's got a big stick

        It's I being up to the rigs of the city,
        I kissed pretty maids & thought a pity
        Such blustering words make them all stare
        Yet all owned I was the boy for the fair

Transcription and HTML coding by Brett Single.  For commentary see Brett Single, "Celtic History and Politics in The Ballads of Seven Dials."

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