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Collection of eighty street ballads: "Indian Lass"

Collection of eighty street ballads on forty sheets, mostly with a woodcut printed at London, the majority by J. Catnach (1820ñ1830). London: n.p., n.d.

University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 C683.

Broadside containing "Indian Lass" (left column) and "Sandy & Jenny" (right column), numbered "128" at lower right, below text.

<Image: Wood engraving vingette showing a woman and a sailor at the seaside, the sailor gesturing to her with his right arm and to a waiting ship in the background with his left.>

Indian Lass

As I was a walking on a far distant shore,
I call'd at an alehouse to spend half an hour;
As I sat smoking, beside me a glass,
By chance there came in a young Indian lass.

She sat down beside me and squeezed my hand,
She says you're a stranger, not one of this land,
I have fine lodgings, if with me you will stay,
My portion you shall have without more delay.

With a glass of good liquor she welcom'd me in,
Kind sir, you are welcome to have anything,
But as I embraced her this was her tune,
You are a poor sailor and far from your home.

We toss'd and we tumbled in each others arms,
& all that night long I embraced her sweet charms
With rural enjoyment the time pass'd away,
I did not leave her till nine the next day.

This lovely young Indian on the place where she stood,
I viewed her sweet features & found the<y> were good
She was neat, tall, and handsome, her age was 16,
Was born and brought up in a place near Orleans.

The day was appointed I was going away,
All on the wide ocean to leave her to stay,
She says when you are over in your own native land
Remember the Indian that squeezed your hand.

Early next morning we were going to sail,
This lovly young Indian on the beach did bewail,
I took off my handkerchief and wiped her eyes,
Do not go and leave me my sailor she cries.

We weighed our anchor, away then we flew.
A sweet pleasant breeze parted me from her view
But now I am o'er and taking my glass,
So here's health to the young Indian lass.

Basic transcription by Brett Single.
Pointed brackets mark emendation.

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Created 8 April 1997