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Kemp, "The ACW" (abstract)

Co-director with Trent Batson of the Alliance for Computers and Writing, Fred Kemp has undertaken the "writing," if one can call it that in this late age of print, of a "living hypertext," one that will grow, infinitely and collaboratively, as does what Kemp calls the "shared base of knowledge" from which writing teachers operate. Kemp promises that "as long as the Alliance for Computers and Writing remains active, this essay will continue to grow. I invite those who would like to add to this document to do so by either providing me links to other URLs or by simply sending me email text to link myself . . . . I will accept all reasonable additions, even from those who disagree with me." As of this writing (25 April 1995), the essay itself is just under construction, with only a few nodes and links established. It undertakes what Kemp believes to be "chief among the many services the Alliance can provide . . .The Shared Knowledge Base in computer-based writing instruction." For Kemp, "the edge of knowledge for us in writing instruction is moving fast and we need new and better ways of at least staying within sight of it." This essay "web," then, is envisioned as a living hypertext to which writing instructors can continue to contribute, one that will supposedly transcend the limits of current disseminations of knowledge which, according to Kemp, in their forms as lore or publication become either unproblematized or codified. The Alliance for Computers and Writing attempts to provide professional assistance and networking for compositionists and other instructors who use, or wish to make use of, computers in classroom and individualized instruction. (J Paul Johnson.)
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