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Schmeise, "Of style and Substance" (abstract)

Cited as a "model article" in Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine Style Guidelines. Schmeiser, a columnist for the magazine, briefly discusses five HTML pages which answer the question, "Is it possible to maintain both substance and style on the Web?" The pages discussed and measured against style and substance criteria are:
For Ever the Twain Shall Meet: Mark Twain on the Web -- Unobtrusive graphics, easy-to-read interface, and efficient content organization; "user-friendly" literary archive.
Whole Frog Project -- Easy-to-download images of frogs in various stages of deconstruction, and using the WWW to provide scientific education. "A page where your tour of the frog allows you to 'enter the heart and fly down blood vessels, poking (your) head out at any point to see the structure of the surrounding anatomy.'"
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club -- Demonstrates how to write a page organizing information connection, ordering maps, displaying topography while remaining simple in design.
FedWorld Home Page -- The alphabetic nexus/nightmare of Federal agencies made easy. Good study in well placed push-button links, alphabetic lists and indexing.
Synchronized -- Hypertext fiction organized initally from this home page, featuring the first paragraph from each chapter, and the subsequent chapter link. Strong strategy for hypertext topic presentation.
(Jean Jacobson.)

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