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Collection of ballads, songsheets: Blue Bonnets over the Border

Collection of eighty street ballads on forty sheets, mostly with a woodcut printed at London, the majority by J. Catnach (1820ñ1830). London: n.p., n.d. University of Minnesota Libraries. WILSON Rare Books Quarto 820.1 C683.

Broadside pasted to album leaf 8, containing "The Battle Field," "Mary's Love," and "Answer to my Heart and Lute" (all in the left column); and "Blue-Bonnets over the Border" and "Buy a Broom" (right column). Colophon at lower right: "Printed by J. CATNACH, 2 Monmouth-C<o>u<r>t <7> D<ials>."

Blue Bonnets over the <Border>

MARCH! March! Ettrick and Teviodal<et>,
   <W>hy my lads dinna ye march forward
March! March! Eskdale and Liddes<daieil>
   All the blue bonnets are over the border
      Many a banner spread,
      Flutters above your head,
   Many a crest that is famous in story!
      Mount and make ready then,
      Sons of the mountain glen,
Fight for your king and the old Scottish border.

                                                  March! March!
Come from the hills where your hirsels are grazing
   Come from the glens of the buck and the roe,
Come to the crag where the beacon is blazing,
   Come with the buckler, the lance, and the bow<.>
      Trumpets are sounding,
      <W>ar steeds are bounding,
   Stand to your arms, and march in good order,
      England shall many a day,
      Tell of the bloody fray,
<W>hen the blue bonnets came over the border.
                                                  March! March!

Basic transcription by Eric Welle. Pointed brackets mark emendations. Compare "The Blue Bonnets Are over the Border," printed by James Paul and Co., on album leaf 25.

"Blue Bonnets over the Border" is still an authorized march of several regiments, including The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's), which has posted an instrumental MIDI version; hear also another version. Jane Keefer's Folk Music Index lists several published recordings.

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