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Engl 8710 (F95) seminar papers

English 8710, Fall 1997

Studies in Criticism: Text and Image 
Seminar papers

The ten term papers prepared for this seminar are listed below. One can be consulted on-line. 
  • David Beard.  "Frank Egbert Bryant's Potential Contribution to Rhetoric."
  • Kim Berry. "The Interaction of Text and Image in Blake's Paintings Pity and Hecate."
  • Julia Bleakney. "The Concrete Poetry Movement: Issues of Perception and Temporality."
  • Robert Bolin. "The Iconographic Framework of William Holman Hunt."
  • Benjamin Drake. "The Ellesmere Facsimiles in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction."
  • Jean Jacobson. "Ut Pictura Poesis? Answers from John Hollander's The Gazer's Spirit and Murray Krieger's Ekphrasis: The Illusion of the Natural Sign."
  • Joan K. Menefee. "Forms of Annotation: The Laocoons of Blake and Lessing."
  • Rachel Mines. "Shakespeare's Text, the Printed Image, and Woman in Nineteenth-Century Britain."
  • Rebecca Scherr. "Italian Futurism 1909ñ1918: Observations of Futurist Text and Image."
  • Brent Whitmore. "Intertextual Iconology: The Image, Text, and Intertext in Commercial Television Programming."

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