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Engl 8710 (S95) seminar papers

English 8710, Spring 1995

Studies in Criticism: Electronic Text
Seminar papers

The ten term papers papers prepared for this seminar are listed below. One can be consulted on line; abstracts are available for four others.
  • Kristin Bolton. "The Empowered Reader: Strategies for Critically Reading Hypertext."
  • Laurie Dickinson. "Ways of Reading: The Role of the Critic in the Age of Electronic Text."
  • John R. Durant. "The Continuing Life of the Author: The Essentialization of Technology and the Ownership of Texts" (review essay about David Saunders, Authorship and Copyright [London: Routledge, 1992]). Abstract.
  • Jean Jacobson. "Some Considerations for the Use of Lists as Hypertextual Devices on HTML WWW Pages."
  • J Paul Johnson. "Hyper/Text/Reading." Abstract.
  • Louise McDonald. Untitled essay about Tom Nelson and Project Xanadu.
  • Steve Schroer. "Enter Here." Abstract.
  • Stephanie Hill Simione. "Notes Toward a Hypertext Chaucer."   Among other things, examines flaws in the electronic text of Chaucer presented by the English Poetry Full-Text Database (Chadwyck-Healey).
  • Kim Surkan. "The New Technology of Electronic Text: Hypertext and CMC in Virtual Environments."   Includes a discussion of gender and role-playing in MUD and MOO environments.
  • Sarah Wadsworth. "Getting Graphic: Influence of the Graphical User Interface on the Design of Instructional Texts." Forthcoming in TEXT Technology, summer 1996. Abstract.

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