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Engl 3960 (S96) seminar papers

English 3960, Spring 1996
Junior-Senior Seminar: Electronic Text
Seminar papers

The ten term papers prepared for this seminar are listed below. Some, currently under revision, may be posted or linked here at a later date.
  • Douglas Annett. "Hephaestus and His Homepage: Hammering Out the Electronic Text."
  • Anthony Bessler. "David Carson and the Age of Cybertype."
  • Brian E. Broeckemeier. "Just When You Think No One Understands . . . " (review essay about Sven Birkerts, The Gutenberg Elegies, and related texts).
  • Johannes Goransson. "The Internet Aesthetic and On-Line Publications of Poetry."
  • Shane Houdek. "Classics and the Electronic Medium."
  • Mary Lebens. "Zines On-line" (abstract).
  • Adam Rehbolz. "The Advantages of the HyperText Format, W3, and UAs."
  • Nicole Seaman. "The History and Probable Aftereffects of the Government's Attempt to Ban Pornography on the Internet."
  • Daniel Sipple. "A Classical Liberal View of the Internet's Implications for the Nation."
  • Erin Sweet. "Creating a Fictional Reality: The Relationship Between Print and Hypertext Fiction."

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