Online focus Groups

MESI 2012 - Presentation Handouts

Thank you for joining us for the Online Focus Groups -  2012 MESI Conference demonstration session. 
On this page, you will find a few downloadable handouts relating to the material we have presented.

Online Focus Groups Presentation - MESI 2012

 Material    Link
 Presentation Slides Link to See the Google Presentation
 "How-To" for Ning Link to See the Google Document  
 "How-To" for Adobe Connect Link to See the Google Document  
 "Lessons Learned" - Summary Link to See the Google Document  

Group Members: Mary Anne Casey, Sally Dinsmore, David Ernst, Jim Hatten, Richard Krueger, Michael Lee, 
Caryn Lindsay, Alison Link, Nance Longley, Mary Catherine O'Brien, Pat O'Leary, Alfonso Sintjago

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