A map of the main events can be found here

(created by Ash Hane)


Wednesday 10/13
1:30-9:30|     Registration                                                            In-Flux

Openings: West Bank Area- OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
5:00-7:00|      Augsburg College

"Just Passing Through" Jerald Krepps

Gage Family Art Gallery

"imPRINT" Lynn Bollman

Christensen Center Art Gallery

6:00-9:00 |     Regis Center for the Arts   
                       Nash Gallery
                                     "THENOW: Contemporary Prints, Historical Perspectives"
                                                   Conference Exchange Folios on display throughout the building
                        U of M Graduate Students open studios

       The Bell Library, 4th floor of Wilson Library

“The Impossible Black Tulip” the oldest surviving Chinese map to                             depict the Americas, wood block print by Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci and                     Chinese printer Zhang Wentao

7:30 |               Talk by Professor Ann Waltner and Gaylord Schanilec in the Bell Library

9:00-11:00 |     Kickoff Party & Deadwood Exchange folio opening @ Aesthetic                                                         Apparatus, co-sponsored by bikini press international

Thursday 10/14   
8:00-5:00 |       Registration                                                         In-Flux

8:30-9:30 |       Breakfast                                                             Humphrey

9:00-4:00 |       Vendors Fair                                                        Quarter Gallery
9:30 – 10:30       
9:30-10:00 |     Welcome Address                                                Humphrey

9:00-10:30 |     Demo: Suicide Print Serigraphy                          W 189 Screen

 Nelson Edi Hohmann

10:00-11:30 |    Featured Artist Talk: Josh MacPhee                    Humphrey

10:30-12:00 |   Demo: Engraving in the 21st Century                   W185 Intaglio

             James Ehlers


11:00-12:30|     Panel: Printermedia:                                             In-Flux

 Teaching printmaking within an intermedia context

 Nancy Palmeri, Chair               

12:30-1:30|       Box Lunch (pre-paid)                                            In-Flux

12:30-1:30|       Members meeting                                                  In-Flux

1:00-5:00|         Public Event: Printing the Revolution                   Regis Courtyard

 Artemio Rodriguez                   

1:30 – 3:00   
1:30-3:00|         Panel: Unevenly Distributed                                  Humphrey

 Denise Bookwalter & Chad Eby, Chairs               

1:30-3:00 |        Dialog: No School, School, & Letterpress             In-Flux

 Rachel Melis & Mary Bruno

1:00-4:00|         Demo: Color Photogravure                                     W180

 Xavier Tavera & David Stordahl

1:00-4:00 |       Demo: Asphaltum Lithography: Maniere  Noire     W187 Litho
                         Michael Barnes

1:00-4:00 |       Participatory Event: Print Pig Circus                       W189 Screen                   
                         Dirty Printmakers of America

2:30-4:00 |      Demo: Plotter Print                                                    Laser Room
                        Robin Schwartzman

3:00- 4:30|      Panel: New War / Old War                                         In-flux
                        Michael Krueger & Steve Goddard, Co-Chairs

5:00 |               Open Portfolio & Small Press Fair                             MCBA
                        Buses leave Holiday Inn Metrodome at intervals

Note: In addition to the Open Book parking lot, free parking is available from 5pm to 10pm for MCBA's Thursday night events in the parking lot behind Periscope located at 921 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis, MN.

9:00 |              Printmakers Ball                                                         Grumpy’s Bar
                       Bands, beer and tater tots at the bar that fostered the Minneapolis
                       screen print rock poster scene, right next door!

                       If you miss the bus, 15 minute walk or short taxi ride back to hotel

Friday 10/15
8:00-5:00 |     Registration                        In-Flux

8:30-9:30 |     Breakfast                        Coffman Lobby

                       Coffee, bagels, fruit
                       MAPC Board Meeting                                                 Regis E22

9:00-4:00 |      Vendors Fair                                                                Quarter Gallery

9:00-10:30|      Demo: Extreme  Chine Colle                                      W187 Lithography
                        Cole Rogers & Zac Adams-Bliss

9:30 |                Introduction & Announcements                                  Coffman Theater

10:00-11:30 |    Featured Artist Talk – Swoon                                     Coffman Theater

10:30-12:00 |    Mezzotint: Invigorating a Traditional Method    W185 Intaglio        

 Julie Niskanen  

10:30-12:00 |     Demo:Drum Leaf Binding                                         Book Arts Room

   Jana Pullman

11:00-12:30 |     Panel MFAs in the  ‘00s                                             In-Flux
                           Melinda Yale, Chair

11:30-12:30 |     Awards                                                                       Coffman Theater

              Outstanding Printmaker Lloyd Menard

2:30 – 1:30   
12:30-1:30 |     Pre-Paid Box Lunch Pickup                                         In-Flux
1:00-4:00 |       Demo: Moku Hanga for the 21st Century                    W 185

 Preston Lawing

1:00-4:00 |     Demo: Color Photogravure                                            W180

Xavier Tavera &  David Stordahl

1:00-4:00 |      Participatory Event: Print Pig Circus                             W 189 Screen               
                       Dirty Printmakers of America

1:30-3:00|      Panel: Ground Up:                                                          In-flux

Teaching Printmaking in the 21st Century

Natasha Pestich, Chair

2:00-5:00 |       Public Art Event: Printing The Revolution                   Regis Courtyard

Artemio Rodriguez

3:00-4:30 |      Dialog: New & Old Generations:                                  In-flux
                       Teaching Printmaking

                       Jack Damer & Beauvais Lyons                   

5:00-9:00 |      Fall Art Tour Exhibition Openings (w/Buses)              
9 College Galleries                              
                       All print-related exhibitions including the
                       MAPC "Members Show" and MAPC "Outstanding Printmaker Exhibition"
                           Buses leave from U of MN Regis/Nash Gallery
                           Please visit:          

6:30-10:00 |   Carlos Amorales; Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance

                       Opening reception at Highpoint Center for Printmaking

                         Note: this is not on the bus tour but will  be part of the tour Saturday

      Memory Lanes Bowling in Honor of Lloyd Menard           Memory Lanes
                       Flashback Cafe & Cocktail Lounge
                       2520 26th Avenue South, Minneapolis
                       Bus loops from U of MN Regis/Nash Gallery 9 - 10
                       Walk or cab back to Holiday Inn
                       Cabs : RED & WHITE: 612-871-1600, CHECKER CAB: 612-340-1234

Saturday 10/16
8:00-5:00 |     Registration                                                                     In-Flux
9:00 |              Breakfast on your own

10:00-4:00 |    Buses loop starting at Holiday Inn Metrodome approx. every 30 minutes
                        to the following locations

                        Note: Pre-paid box lunch pickup at MCAD ONLY, time accordingly

12:00-4:00 |    Vendors Fair                                                                   Quarter Gallery

First Stop       Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA)

1011 Washington Ave. S.


Demonstrations: Get the Lead Out: Alternative Letterpress Techniques

Scratch Negatives with Abigail Anderson

A C&P Keepsake with Monica Edwards Larson

Monoprinting on the Vandercook with Regula Russelle

Composition on the Fly with Wilber ‘Chip’ Schilling

.Pressure Printing with CB Sherlock


“No World: Screen Prints from a Midwest Wasteland”

In the Open Book Lobby

Curated by Dan Luedke and Anna Tsantir.

“Prints: Now in 3-D!”

In the MCBA Gallery

Curated by Jeff Rathermel

“Endgrained: Evidence of Contemporary Wood Engraving”

In the Cowles Literary Commons

Curated by Joanne Price

Second Stop   MCAD & MIA

2501 Stevens Ave. S.


Minneapolis College of Art & Design


12:00-4:00 CNC router demo and large-scale woodcut printing


“Ayomi Yoshida”

“Raw Data: MCAD Students”

            Minneapolis Institute of Arts-Free!

                        Viewing: Print Study Room

12:00 - 4:00

(open to MAPC 2010 attendees, imited space, timed entry)


"The Experimental Print: Stanley William Hayter and the Artists of

Atelier 17" Gallery 263

"Beware Her Wiles: Woman as Temptress in the Renaissance Tradition"             

                         Gallery 344

2:00 Lecture:The Power of Women in Renaissance Art

Pillsbury Auditorium

                        Associate Professor Michael Gaudio

Open & free for conference attendees (must show badge)

Third Stop    Highpoint Center for Printmaking

912 West Lake St.


Exhibition: Carlos Amorales: Skeleton Images Tossed by Chance

12:00-1:30 Steel Facing Demo: Plating and removing of iron from copper

intaglio plates

1:00-5:00 Free Ink Day- a drop in printmaking event where all

visitors are invited to make a print of their own.

Fourth Stop   Walker Art Center and Groveland Gallery

Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403-2115


Viewing: Print Study Room

11:00- 4:00

(open to MAPC 2010 attendees, pre-registration required, limited space)

Groveland Gallery

25 Groveland Terr.

Mpls, MN

“+ 1” Print Invitational, 7 printmaking artists with their plus one!

“States of the Land”  New Prints by Fred Hagstrom

                        Bus Returns to Holiday Inn Metrodome

6:00-8:00 |       BBQ in Regis Courtyard
                        Free to all conference attendees, must have badge
                        RAFFLE WINNERS ANNOUNCED at 7:00

8:00 |                Volunteers show, juried bohemian press show, print installation, music and fun @                               1419

Sunday 10/17  
Northfield Bus Tour
Note: you can bring your luggage as bus will be stopping at airport on return

10:00 AM        Depart Holiday Inn
11:00-12:00 |  Carleton College

"Pacific Prints - from Austral Asia"

“Prints from the Iowa Tradition”

“Twenty Views of Dundas"

12:00-12:30 |  Northfield Arts Guild, Art Org printshop
                        "Doug Foxgrover - New Prints"

12:30-1:30 |    St. Olaf College (lunch fixins for bus passengers)

"Prints from the Collection"

"Day of the Dead Streamroller Prints"

"This Here Now: Nature and Human Consciousness"

"The Big Print"

1:45-2:15 |      Art Org at Switzer's Nursury

“Zigmunds Priede: Time Revealed"

3:00 |                MSP Airport drop off
4:00 |               Arrive Holiday Inn

2:00-5:00 |