Sunday Northfield Tour


Exhibitions are free and open to the public

(Busing for conference attendees only & pre-registration required)


10:00 AM  Depart Holiday Inn

11:00 - 12:00 Carleton College

12:00 - 12:30 Northfield Arts Guild, Art Org printshop

12:30 - 1:30 St. Olaf College (lunch provided)

1:00 Reception co-hosted by Grupo Soap del      

        Corazon and ArtOrg

1:45 - 2:15  Art Org at Switzer's Nursery

3:00 PM MSP Airport drop off

4:00 PM Arrive Holiday Inn


Carleton Art Gallery, Carleton College

One North College St

Northfield, MN 55057-4001


Exhibition: "Prints Around the Pacific Rim"

New work by artists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and Canada, each engaging with printmaking as a sustained research process in various ways.


Exhibition Dates: September 17- November 17

Gallery Hours: Monday - Wednesday 12 - 6pm, Thurs. & Fri. 12 - 10pm, Sat. & Sun. 12 - 4pm


* * *

Boliou Hall, Carleton College


Exhibition:  “Prints from the Iowa Tradition”

Celebrating this influential printmaking center with works by Mauricio Lasansky, Leonardo Lasansky, Takeshi Takahara, Malcom Myers, Dean Warnholtz, Lee Chesney, Wendell Black, H.C. Cassill, David Dreisbach, Sylvia Schuster, John Paul Jones, Kurt Kemp

Exhibition Dates: September 13- October 17

Hours: Open Daily

More information:  507-222-4341


* * *

Gould Library, Carleton College


Exhibition:  “al-Mutanabbi Street Project Broadsides”

September 6 – October 24

Traveling exhibition of broadsides commemorating the 2007 car bombing of Baghdad’s al-Mutanabbi Street. Exhibition on loan from South Florida State University, Jaffe Center for Book Arts.


Exhibition:  “Twenty Views of Dundas"

September 13-November 21

“The Twenty Views of Dundas” is a collaborative print project to honor the history of the small town of Dundas, Minnesota. This exhibition was organized by ArtOrg, Northfield.


The library is open daily (8am-midnight)

For more information 507-222-7182


* * *

Downtown Northfield


Northfield Arts Guild

304 Division Street S.


Exhibition: "Doug Foxgrover: Paper Trail"


Demo: Printing on an ancient litho press

ArtOrg Printmaking Studio, 314 Division Street South  (


* * *

Flaten Art Museum, St. Olaf College

1520 Saint Olaf Ave

Northfield, MN 55057-1574


Exhibition: "Prints from the Collection"

Groot Gallery


Exhibition: "Day of the Dead Streamroller Prints"

Groot Gallery, Dittman Center

ArtOrg and Grupo Soap del Corazon created large-scale steamroller printing projects around the Day of the Dead. In 2006, thirteen artists produced four-foot-by-eight-foot woodblock prints in a project that was ultimately accessioned by the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. In 2009, nine artists produced a similar set of works in front of the Plains Art Museum, in Fargo, North Dakota. Most of the 22 prints will be on display. Also will be additional prints from the St. Olaf collection.



"This Here Now: Nature and Human Consciousness"

Flaten Art Museum


The exhibit will also include historical and contemporary prints from the prints and drawing collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Artists: Guido Alvarez, Christine Baeumler, Jil Evans, Jill Ewald, Chris Larson. Co-curated by Jil Evans, Christine Baeumler, Jill Ewald


Exhibition Dates: September 18 – October 31, 2010

Monday - Wednesday 10am - 5pm,

Thursday 10am - 8pm,

Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 2pm - 5pm


Exhibition: "The Big Print"

Atrium Crossroads, Buntrock Commons (St. Olaf)


The “Thousand Print Summer” event traveled to ten venues and printed for 1180 kids and adults. The Big Print is a collaborative work from those reprinted blocks and the result is displayed on the three-story-tall wall in the atrium of Buntrock Commons.


* * *

ArtOrg Gallery

26601 Chippendale Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057

Six mile north of Northfield on Highway 3


Exhibition: "Zigmunds Priede: Time Revealed"


Zigmunds Priede will be exhibiting several new works in his exhibition titled "Time Revealed".  Mr. Priede was a printmaking professor at the University of Minnesota from 1964 to 1978, and was Master Printer for Universal Limited Art Editions starting in 1961.  At Universal, he printed seminal works for Rauschenberg, Johns, Newman, Motherwell, Rosenquist, Frankenthaler, Dine, and others.  At the University, he inspired many students in art, and some students to indelible printmaking careers of the highest level.  We are expecting several surprise guests at the opening on Sunday, October 17, 2010.

For more information see


Exhibition Dates:

Sunday, Oct. 17 - Sunday, November 7

Gallery hours:  Thursdays 12 - 8pm, Saturdays 12 - 6pm, Sundays 12 - 6pm

Opening Reception: Sunday October 17, 1pm

Co-hosted by Grupo Soap del Corazon and ArtOrg