Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA)

2400 3rd Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55404-3506


Viewing: Print Study Room, MIA

Saturday October 16, 12pm - 4pm

(open to MAPC 2010 attendees, limited space)


Exhibition: “The Experimental Print: Stanley William Hayter and the Artists of Atelier 17”

Gallery 263, MIA


Exhibition: "Beware Her Wiles: Woman as Temptress in the Renaissance Tradition"

Gallery 344, MIA


The works in the exhibition address the subject of the "Power of Women" which appears throughout Renaissance art.


Lecture:  The Power of Women in Renaissance Art

By Michael Gaudio, Associate Professor of Art History, University of Minnesota.

Pillsbury Auditorium, MIA

Saturday, October 16, 2 pm


From biblical temptresses to wives battling their husbands for the pants, the subject of the "Power of Women" appears throughout Renaissance art.  This lecture explores the variety of expressions of this popular theme and considers some of the reasons artists were drawn to it.  Lecturer:  Michael Gaudio specializes in the visual culture of early modern Europe and the Atlantic world (ca. 1500-1800).


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Non-Members: $15     Members: $10

FREE for conference attendees (must show badge)



Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55403-2115


Viewing: Print Study Room

Saturday, October 16, 11am - 4pm

(open to MAPC 2010 attendees, limited space)


Talk: Swoon

Thursday 6:30pm


Accomplished artist Swoon talks about her projects, from woodcut street art to a flotilla of rafts that invaded the 2009 Venice Biennale!