Things You Want to Know About MAS

What does MAS stand for?

It stands for Manga Anime Society. We are a student run anime club at the University of Minnesota!

What do you do?

Watch anime, obviously. Every semester we vote in a handful of shows to watch together as one big happy family! You can check out what shows we are watching this semester right here, and see what the exact schedule is here.

We also hold extra events throughout the semester. These include celebrating Halloween with a little optional Cosplay action, and Valentine’s day with some sappy anime that tugs at the heart strings.

Finally, at the end of each semester, we have The Craptacular, a night of glorious debauchery, whereupon we watch bad anime purely because it is bad, and dubbed anime because we're just that twisted.

Where and When does MAS take place?

MAS takes place in Moos 2-690 (map). MAS begins at approximately 6:30PM every Thursday with a pre-showing (sometimes people are there earlier) and runs until around 10:00. Note however, that MAS does not meet on designated U of M holidays - only while classes are in session. Spring break notwithstanding. On occasion, we may be forced to relocate (such as over Summer session) so keep an eye on the site for any updates. Or you could join us on facebook. That would be totally sweet.

Now that I know where it is, can I go?

Anyone can come to MAS. You don't necessarily have to be a U of M student or a club member, you just have to like anime. Hell, you really don't have to even like anime, as long as you're quiet during the showing. However, you should probably be at least affiliated with the University of Minnesota, somehow.

Also it should be noted that we are a college club full of college aged people, and we will may choose to watch shows with mature content aimed at an adult audience, so we suggest that club members are 17+ years of age. We won’t turn anyone away though! Email an admin at if you have specific questions

Can we watch this show I like?

The shows we watch are voted on by paid MAS members before the semester begins. Once the shows are selected, we make a schedule and stick to it so we can get through the entire season of every show. If you have a great show you want to watch next semester, nominate it! Note that nominations can only be made by paid members and must follow our nomination guidelines.

Can I become a card-carrying anime club member?

To become an official MAS member, you have to be a U of M student, a U of M Student-To-Be, or a U of M Student of the past... and you have to give us money. Actually, just give us the money. Don't worry too much about being a student as long as you're nice to us!

What does a membership do for me, and how much does it cost?

To become an official MAS Member, all we require is that you pay us six dollars ($6). For those six dollars you receive not only the MAS Membership card, but a few other things as well. Firstly, you get free food at MAS events such as the Craptacular, the Halloween party, and our Social Nights. You also get access to the super-archaic MAS Library, which has titles found here in the library listing. Registration will be announced at the beginning of each semester by the club officers, but you can also sign up later if you miss the initial registration time or come into the semester late (Talk to one of the officers pictured on the Contacts page about that).

Most importantly, a MAS membership will allow you to vote in our show selection process each semester. Someone needs to help us figure out what we’re watching, and guess who we’ve chosen - lucky you! Remember though, you must re-register each new semester in order to continue your Official Membership with MAS.

Wait, I have to PAY to watch anime?

NO. MAS will never ask you to pay to watch anime. In fact, we don’t even charge admission for our events - just for the food. We ask for membership fees because the University asks for membership fees, and our pockets are only so deep. Watching anime will always be free at MAS.

I want to help out!

If you have an idea for the club, or want to be a part of planning things, or just have a lot bad shows you want to share at Craptacular, join us at one of our Admin Meetings. These are usually held once a month @ 5PM at the Caribou Coffee in Moos Tower. Dates will be announced at regular meetings and on facebook.

Got more questions? Email us at, or shoot us a message on Facebook!