Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Strategic Plan 

VISION: To be a world-class Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, providing local and national leadership in academic pursuit of excellence in research, education, and service 

STRATEGIC INTENT:  To develop a culture of collegiality, synergistic collaborations, and academic excellence by promoting and rewarding the interactions and scholarship of a diverse faculty 

Six Goals

1.     Build relationships 

2.     Establish a Division of Molecular Medicine (Pathology) 

3.     Reinvigorate health informatics 

4.     Enhance pathology medical school education 

5.     Develop an academic track in the Residency program

6.     Focus on translational research potential 

Mentoring Program

Annual Faculty Review Process

Department Committees

Billing 101

Faculty Meetings

Innovation Initiatives

Fairview New Operating Model and Structure