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Monday Memo from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Monday, February 1, 2016

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News from Around the Libraries

Confusing the W’s
As part of our AUL interviews, we asked a small group of faculty to meet with each candidate in Wilson Library.  At one of the interviews, two faculty went to Walter Library instead.  I suspect we’ve all had that happen -- with two W-libraries, confusion happens.  

Just who were Walter and Wilson??

Frank K. Walter was the third permanent University Librarian (the first was University President William Folwell), serving from 1921-1943. He chronicled the history of the Library in a 2-volume work, Ninety Years of the University of Minnesota Library, 1851-1941, providing a detailed account of some of the pressing concerns of his 22 year tenure: rapidly expanding academic programs and associated collection demands, overcrowding in the library, insufficient funding for staff and collections, and the ever-present challenges of student behavior.  Of the latter, he weathered ongoing battles with the campus (and the Daily) about the noise in the library and the availability of needed books (a problem he once associated with “certain graduate students and young instructors… abusing their library privileges by passing on to immature undergraduates material obtained for and justified primarily for research.”)

Under Walter’s watch, a new library was built in 1922 (named for him in 1959), departmental libraries including the merged Bio-Medical Library were created, a bindery program launched, microfilm was introduced as a new technology for preservation and access, and collections grew from 300,000 to 1,239,990 volumes (he notes the actual number should exceed 1,250,000 volumes, but that staff shortages precluded recording these acquisitions).  He also served as president of the Association of College and Research Libraries in 1938-39.

President O. Meredith Wilson (not to be confused with R. Meredith Wilson, the composer of Music Man fame) held office from 1960-67. The University’s short biography of Wilson highlights that his presidency coincided with the enrollment boom and the physical expansion of the campus; he oversaw more than 40 building projects, including the creation of a new campus on the West Bank with special attention to connecting the new campus with the “old” via a two-tiered, covered bridge.  The first library built on the west bank was named in his honor in 1968.  During his tenure, he re-organized the Institute of Technology (later to become the College of Science and Engineering) and the College of Liberal Arts and also created the College of Biological Sciences.  

Different eras, but each “W” experienced a period of significant growth, each left a legacy with a major library facility.

-W. Lougee
AUL for Content & Collections - Candidate Interview and Presentation
Interviews with candidates for the Associate University Librarian for Content & Collections position (UL341) are in process. 

We hope we'll have a great and welcoming in-person turnout at the final presentation. For those unable to attend, the presentation will be web-streamed and recorded.  All staff are invited to attend. 
Link for Attendees
Meeting Number:  747 903 179 
Here are details for the final candidate presentation:

Candidate 3: (CV)
Interview dates: January 31- February 2 
Presentation to Staff (with Q&A): February 1, 10:00am-11:00am, 
120 Andersen Library
Topic: Challenges and Opportunities in Content & Collections

Finally, the search committee invites your input on the candidates via the:
AUL for Content & Collections -- Candidate Feedback Form

Please let any member of the search committee (below) if you have any questions.
John Butler, chair
Jennie Burroughs
Melissa Eighmy Brown
Jolie Graybill
Scott Marsalis
Mary Miller
Maggie Ragnow
Jason Roy
Nicole Theis-Mahon

-John Butler
Open Sharing Policy Draft and Brownbags
Just a reminder that comments on the draft University Libraries Open Sharing Policy are welcome through February 19, 2016.  Please provide your thoughts within the comments feature of the Google Doc or via email to  The draft proposes Libraries' policy positions on three major rights-related areas:
  1. Uncopyrightable materials produced by the Libraries
  2. Copyrightable works (including computer source code) produced by Libraries staff and works for which the Libraries has acquired rights by transfer or license
  3. Copyrightable works owned by Libraries’ faculty-like staff members
Those interested in a discussion (and Q&A) about the proposed policy statement, are invited to attend open discussion sessions, scheduled for:

Thu, February 4, 11:30am – 1:00pm
S30A Wilson (brownbag; bring your lunch)
Add to my calendar

Tue, February 9, 11am – 12pm
via Google Hangout (to connect) use the link inside the calendar event
Add to my calendar

-John Butler, Jason Roy, and Nancy Sims
Management Changes in Data Management and Access Department
Effective today, February 1st, Betsy Friesen is assuming the assignment of Interim Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, in addition to her retaining DMA department director responsibilities. Recruitment for the Head position will be revisited later in 2016. 

After effectively serving the department as DMA unit managers for the past three-plus years, Cecilia Genereux and Christine DeZelar-Tiedman will return to serve in key functional roles within DMA and will remain lead cataloging contacts for the department. Please join me in thanking Betsy for assuming these additional responsibilities and to Cecelia and Christine for their valued managerial service.

-John Butler
Research and Publication Calendar
Looking for presentation and publication opportunities? Check out the new "Conference and Publication Deadlines" calendar that the Research and Publications Committee (RPC) has developed. It lists upcoming deadlines with links to more info. Add it to your own list of calendars by clicking on the + in the lower left, or view it below the Libraries Master Calendar on the main staff Web page. If you have deadlines to add, please contact one of the RPC members: Caitlin Bakker, Laureen Boutang, Julie Kelly, Scott Marsalis, or Natalie Evans.

-Julie Kelly

Staff Tidings and Kudos

A note of appreciation to Caroline Lilyard, Mary Schoenborn, and Frank Sayre
Caroline Lilyard, Mary Schoenborn, and Frank Sayre recently gave a Market Analysis Workshop for the Advanced Professional Degree Consulting Club.  This group does real-world consulting projects and this team from the Libraries showed them how they can integrate library tools into their work process. This invitation stemmed from the great support that Caroline, Mary and Frank provided to the MN-Reach researchers.  

The Assistant Director of the Office of University Economic Development took the time to thank them for their presentation and hopes to collaborate again in the future.

Thanks for the great work Caroline, Mary and Frank

If you're interested, they've posted the slides for this session at

-Jon Jeffryes and Lisa McGuire

eTraining Sessions & Workshops

Also see Libraries Master Calendar

Remember the Ladies
Minitex and the University of Minnesota Libraries Regional Depository Library presents the webinar series, Remember the Ladies. This series will focus on women and U.S. federal government resources.

Remember the Ladies: Education
Wednesday, February 17, 2016  at 1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET
Join us for the first webinar in our Remember the Ladies series. This session focuses on women and education. Attendees will develop an understanding of how to access government information that is rich with factoids about women and education.

Amy Riegelman
Kim Clarke

-Amy Riegelman
Session on Diversity Concepts, Instruction and the ACRL Framework
Have you been wondering how to incorporate Threshold Concepts from the ACRL Framework into your teaching? What about trying to include more diversity concepts in your instruction? Do you like popcorn?

Whether your answer is YES! to none or all of these questions, we hope you will join the Diversity Outreach Collaborative and the Teaching and Learning Coordinators for activities and discussion on how the ACRL Framework and diversity concepts intersect. 

You'll leave the session with two learning activities that you can customize for your classroom instruction as well as better understanding of the diversity components in the Framework. 

The details: 
Monday, February 8th, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Andersen 120
Kindly RSVP so we have approximate numbers for popcorn & handouts

Let me or one of the other members of the planning group (Amy Riegelman, Kim Clarke, Meghan Lafferty & Scott Marsalis) know if you have any questions. 

Hope to see you there!

-Lindsay Matts-Benson, Libraries Instructional Designer (on behalf of the Teaching & Learning Coordinators and the Diversity Outreach Collaborative)

Events & Exhibits

Complete schedule and more info via continuum

Event Highlight

First Fridays Series 2015–2016
"For the Individual and Common Good": How Social Welfare Agencies Used Comics to Create Better Citizens and What’s So Funny About Being Queer?

Friday, February 5, 2016, noon to 1:00 p.m.
Elmer L. Andersen Library, Room 120
The 2015-2016 First Fridays season explores the theme of humor – a tool alternatively employed to instill delight, put forth political commentary, teach lessons, assuage fears, or even encourage social bonding. Come hear and laugh at stories from the more comedic side of Archives and Special Collections.
This month's event features two presentations. The Social Welfare History Archives will use examples from the collections that feature some favorite and some little known characters to show how social agencies and comic publishers used comics to instill social values. The Tretter Collection will explore how the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities have laughed at the world – and at themselves – which can tell us about the challenges and the victories they have faced over time.
More info:

-Libraries Communications Office

Exhibit Highlight

In Celebration of the Whittington Press
Wilson Library, T.R. Anderson Gallery
February 1 through May 13, 2016
Hours: The gallery is open during business hours at the James Ford Bell Library
Celebrating the acquisition of the more recent records of the Whittington Press, an internationally acclaimed letterpress printer located in Gloucestershire, England, this exhibit showcases items from what Governor Elmer L. Andersen heralded as “the outstanding press in the world.” The Libraries is the only repository in North America to hold every single item produced by the Whittington Press.
More information:

-Libraries Communications Office
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