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Monday Memo from the University Libraries
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Monday Memo from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Monday, January 16, 2017

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News from Around the Libraries

Umbra Search Publicly Launches!
Umbra Search African American History publicly launched this week. Umbra Search is an initiative of the Givens Collection of African American Literature in the Libraries' Archives and Special Collections, in partnership with Penumbra Theatre Company.

With a roster of national partners, including the Digital Public Library of America, Umbra Search is a resource for students, educators, artists, and the public through the freely available widget and search tool,; digitization of half a million African American history materials across UMN Libraries collections; support of student, teachers, and the public through workshops, events, and residencies.

To date, presents over 400,000 digitized archival materials from more than 1,000 libraries, archives, and cultural heritage institutions across the country.

Join us throughout 2017 for public events that celebrate African American history, culture, and the arts (more here!), and for #UmbraSearch365, a year-long social media campaign for African American history every day of the year. 

Read the press release here!

Thank you to our colleagues across the Libraries for your support and partnership that have made Umbra Search possible.

- Umbra Search Team (Cecily Marcus, Sarah Carlson, Jason Roy, Chad Fennell, Dorothy Berry, Jennifer Hootman)
Collection Management Coordinating Committee (CMCC) Formed 
The Collection Management Coordinating Committee (CMCC), has been charged with implementing the recommendations and strategies outlined this year by the Comprehensive Collection Management Planning Committee.  In addition, this committee will be working to identify priorities, and provide oversight, for the advancement of the Libraries' ongoing collection management activities.  

The first meeting of this committee will be in January, with Mary Miller and Betsy Friesen acting as co-chairs.  Representation on this committee will include staff from C&C, D&T, R&L and HSL.  Committee members are: 
  • Mary Miller (co-chair)
  • Betsy Friesen (co-chair)
  • Scott Marsalis
  • Nicole Theis-Mahon
  • Kirsten Clark
  • Sunshine Carter
  • David Faust
  • Kris Fowler 
-Janet Bishop and John Butler, AUL co-sponsors for the CMCC
Mileage Reimbursement Changes for 2017
While braving the icy roads on your way to attend that meeting in Duluth, see beyond your white knuckles to the assurance that your business mileage will be reimbursed, although not at the same rate as last year.

Beginning January 1, 2017, the University business Mileage Reimbursement rate changed to $0.535 per mile.  The decrease of $0.5 per mile from the 2016 rate is in accordance with the US Internal Revenue Service business standard mileage rate calculation for transportation expenses published in IRS Notice 2016-79.

You will find more details and examples of mileage reimbursements through this link:
Mileage Reimbursement Policy

The Employee Expense Worksheet reimbursement claim form:
Updated Employee Expense Worksheet

-Mickie Barg on behalf of the Library Business Office

Staff Tidings and Kudos

Welcome Judy!
The Acquisitions & Rapid Cataloging unit of ARM would like to welcome Judy (Zhu) Wang to the Libraries! Judy started on Monday, January 9th and will be our Chinese language specialist. She has experience working in libraries in both China and Singapore. Welcome Judy! We are excited to have you onboard!  

-Julie Rashid
Welcome Rachael!
I am happy to welcome our new Library Assistant 2 in Interlibrary Loan at Wilson Library, Rachael Clark. Rachael's time is split between Interlibrary Loan and her other half-time job at Walter Library Circulation. She had previously worked part-time in InfoNow in the Bio-Med Library, so she comes to us with document delivery expertise and a solid background in in-depth database searching. She also worked at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library Circulation and Reference. Welcome, Rachael!

-Melissa Eighmy Brown
Shannon Farrell and Megan Kocher complete Ithaka S+R Study
Congratulations to Shannon and Megan on completing their participation, on behalf of the University of Minnesota Libraries, in the Ithaka S+R Agriculture national study.  In the study they conducted 16 interviews with UMN agricultural sciences faculty, coded and analyzed the resulting data, and wrote a local report sharing results, titled "Examining the Research Practices of Agricultural Scholars at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities." They expect to publish the report as a journal article as well. Minnesota was one of 19 universities participating in the study, all following the same methodology, and Ithaka S+R will issue a full Research Report in spring 2017 sharing results from the aggregate study.

-Philip Herold
Shannon Farrell Publishes Article on Compensation Negotiation in Libraries
Congratulations to Shannon Farrell on the publication of her journal article, with co-author Aliqae Geraci (Cornell University), titled, "Librarians and compensation negotiation in the library workplace" in Library Management, 38:1, pp.45-64. They report on a survey of librarians (over 1500 respondents!) asking whether or not librarians negotiated salary and/or benefits terms when hired, and about outcomes. The paper explores many facets of librarian negotiation and notably is the first paper tracking negotiating practices and outcomes of librarians in library workplaces of all types. It is the first installment as part of a larger study exploring librarians and their negotiation of compensation.

-Philip Herold
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