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Monday Memo from the University Libraries
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Monday Memo from the University Libraries
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Monday Memo from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Monday, July 17, 2017

For items to be included in the Monday Memo, please send all announcements to: before 12:00pm the preceding Friday.

News from Around the Libraries

Join your colleagues over cookies and lemonade to view the live stream of Wendy Lougee receiving the National Medal for Library Service on behalf of the University Libraries at 1:45 p.m. today. There will be a reading of the proclamation and a live-stream viewing of the Medal Ceremony at any of these locations: Wilson Studio, Walter Library 101, Andersen Library 120, Bio-Medical Library 555 Diehl, and Magrath 2. 

The Governor's Proclamation is made in honor of the Libraries' significant achievement in receiving the 2017 National Medal for Library Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the federal agency that supports libraries and museums nationwide. 

-Libraries Administration
Technology-Rich User Spaces Team Launched
As new technologies are being integrated into public spaces throughout the Libraries (like our successful 1:Button studios), we recognized the need for a committee that will develop a coherent, Libraries-wide strategy to guide this process. As a result, a new Technology-Rich User Spaces Team (aka TRUST!) has been formed. The committee is led by co-chairs Alex Cabada and Jonathan Koffel, and includes Mariya Gyendina, Charlie Heinz, Wanda Marsolek, Lindsay Matts-Benson, Scott Spicer, Mike Sutliff, and Ben Wiggins. TRUST members will maintain an expert-level awareness of relevant emerging technologies and will collaborate with specialists and staff throughout the Libraries, as well as other campus units, to develop spaces and services that support the Libraries' programmatic goals. For more information about this exciting new group, please see their charge or contact a committee member or sponsor.

-Janice Jaguszewski and Claire Stewart, co-sponsors
Web Presence Management Group dissolved
It is with gratitude to the Web Presence Management Group’s recent and former members that we announce that the group has formally been dissolved.

Since its inception in 2011, the group accomplished a great deal. Below is a screenshot of what our homepage looked like when the group kicked off to illustrate how far we’ve come. WPMG oversaw significant site redesigns, including our move to a responsive design. WPMG also birthed the Libraries’ usability team, which continues to provide useful insight into user needs on our web sites and applications. Without the thoughtful contributions of WPMG, these and many other projects would not have succeeded.

Some initiatives of WPMG will continue on under the leadership of Communications Advisory Group, the Usability Team, Discovery to Access Steering Committee, and Web Content Management Group.

-Cody Hanson & Kate Peterson, ex-WPMG co-chairs

CMCC Project Updates
We are two weeks into our multiple-copy reduction project (a.k.a Dedup project). It took us a bit to figure out the best and most efficient way to validate and process these materials out of Wilson. With Chris Rose's guidance on process and needed reports and Michael Johnson's newfangled validation checking reports, we are in position to really pick up speed on the project. The process we are using is similar to the one used for the Dewey to PS2 move. We had to set up a "fake" temporary location: AWDN (Amazing Withdrawal Collection). There probably will be under a couple thousand books in this location on any given day, as this "collection" is just a quick stop before the material is put into its permanent temporary location: WDN. As of Friday, 64 items were withdrawn (test case), with 1117 in AWDN location status. Only 12,627 items to go. 

In other news, we started work on what we thought was going to be a microfilm inventory pilot project. Our pilot identified "microfilms" in Ames. These "microfilms" may be the result of "something is better than nothing" retrospective conversion. As part of our pilot, we are overlaying correct book copy over these records so they show as a book and not a microfilm in MNCAT Discovery and have an item material type of Book (most of them do). The first 50 or so were done this week. We haven't hit the microfilm inventory part yet. We have also begun analyses of classification in bibliographic records to help with future subject/discipline analysis for CMCC and the new Assessing & Planning Collection Investments. Finally, we started writing the specifications for reports to assist in our post-cancellation access for e-journals.

-Mary Miller and Betsy Friesen for the CMCC
Diversity Update
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law on July 26, 1990. The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the general public. The purpose of the law is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

As with all areas of diversity, ADA awareness, advocacy, and practice is everyone’s everyday work.

-Diversity Leadership Committee

Staff Tidings & Kudos

Welcome Hayley!
I'm happy to welcome Hayley Coble as a new LA3 in PSE. Hayley is pursuing an MLIS from St. Catherine University, which she will receive in December of this year. She holds two master’s degrees in English literature, one from the University of Minnesota and one from Iowa State University, and an English B.A. from Oklahoma State University. During her studies, she attended Rare Book School at the University of Virginia for paleography and did a cataloging internship for Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Cambridge, MN. For the past two and a half years she has worked in reference for the Saint Paul Public Library at the St. Anthony Park branch. She also taught college students in first year writing and American literature while a graduate student both at the U and at Iowa State. 

-Julie Dinger
Congratulations Jennie!
Jennie Burroughs' research article, "No Uniform Culture: Patterns of Collaborative Research in the Humanities," has been published in the most recent issue of portal: Libraries and the Academy.

One of the outputs of Jennie's 2015 research leave, this study designed a data analysis to evaluate co-authorship practices in different dimensions, including differences by department, changes over time, seniority of the scholar, and whether co-author collaborations are more common in certain types of publications. 

The formal abstract and citation follow:
This study uses a campus scholarly networking and expertise system to examine trends in coauthorship in order to measure the prevalence of deep collaboration and readiness for team research. Bibliometric analysis of publishing patterns in four departments in the humanities shows significant differences in the rate of coauthorship by type of publication, by department, and by career phase. The data also show that coauthored research has become more common over time. There is notable variation in collaborative practices between departments. This finding suggests that a more granular approach may be needed to incorporate humanities perspectives in team research.

Burroughs, J. M. "No Uniform Culture: Patterns of Collaborative Research in the Humanities." portal: Libraries and the Academy, vol. 17 no. 3, 2017, pp. 507-527. Project MUSE,

Congratulations to Jennie on this impressive accomplishment!

-Claire Stewart
Lindsay Matts-Benson Named Presenter Coordinator for the ACRL Framework Presenter Team
The ACRL Board of Directors recently approved Lindsay Matts- Benson's appointment as the Presenter Coordinator for the ACRL Framework presenter team. This is a 3-year term lasting from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2020. She will be responsible for arranging presenters for the ACRL Framework workshop series around the country, in addition to teaching the workshop herself. Additionally, as presenter coordinator she will serve in an ex officio capacity as a committee member on the Student Learning and Information Literacy Committee to ensure clear communication and coordination between the two groups as required.

Congratulations, Lindsay!

-Jennie Burroughs
Professional Development Leave
Sunshine Carter starts the first part of her professional development leave on July 17. Immediately following her leave, she will be taking a short vacation. Sunshine plans to be back in the office on September 5. Emails directed to Sunshine, as they relate to electronic resources, should also cc: Yumiko Toyota-Kindler ( For all other questions, please contact Fariha Grieme (

-Fariha Grieme
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