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Monday Memo from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Monday, February 8, 2016

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News from Around the Libraries

 History Day Gopherbaloo Thank You!
History Day Gopherbaloo 2016 was the biggest to date! 

Thanks to the effort of many, Wilson Library hosted the 6th annual Gopherbaloo on Saturday, January 16, 2016.  More than 300  middle and high school students (and 125 parents/teachers) braved the cold to get the assistance and services needed to jump-start History Day class projects.  Pictures of the day tell the story best.

In addition to the Minnesota Historical Society program staff, many Libraries staff members contributed to the success of the day. Special thanks to those of you on the front lines providing research support throughout the building, helping students at the Service Desk, making copies & prints, guiding students as they searched for books in the stacks, providing direct teaching through mini-session training, capturing pictures of the day, and of course, reshelving all of the books!. 

Sincere thanks as well go to staff who helped prep for the day - printing and hanging the many posters, meeting facility and security needs, providing funding for hospitality (the parents love this!),  and managing technology modifications to public workstations/printing systems.  As you can see, this day is truly a collaborative staff effort.

Interested in participating with History Day?  You are in luck!  Judges are needed for upcoming regional and state competitions (state is held at Coffman Union on Sunday, May 1, 2016). Simply visit the Minnesota Historical Society History Day website for more information.

Thank you,

-Gopherbaloo Planning Leads,
Lynn Skupeko, Mary Schoenborn and Phil Dudas

 Happy New Year!

新年快樂 (China & Taiwan)
 謹賀新年 (Japan)
 근하신년 (Korea)
 Chúc mừng năm mới! (Vietnam)

Monday, February 8th is the first day of the Lunar New Year! In Asia some countries celebrate the Lunar New Year with public holidays and fun-filled activities that last for three days. About 1/5 of the world's population will be enjoying the festivities, and New Year's Eve is the world's biggest annual migration, with over 200 million people making every effort to get home for a big celebratory dinner with their extended families.

The C&C Department is joining in with the festivities and have arranged a Lunar New Year’s Display to celebrate the Year of the Monkey 2016. Come learn how New Year’s Days are celebrated and enjoy traditional dress display, music, decorations and more! Receive your own New Year's Day fortune and try your luck with Asian traditional games! Bring your lunch and come celebrate with us! You are welcome to wear red or traditional clothing!

Where: Wilson Library, Room 170 (Lunch activities will be held in Room 179)
What time: 12:00 – 1:00
What & When:
        Monday, Feb. 8th            DYI New Year’s Badges and Paper Flower Bouquets
        Tuesday, Feb. 9th           DYI Origami Lucky Charms
        Wednesday, Feb. 10th    Lunar New Year’s Game Day (with dessert!!)           

-Phuoc Tran, Kim Tran, Lichun Shen, Kaori Otsubo and Julie Rashid
New Tutorial: Using Find It to Get the Full Text
A new tutorial, Using Find It to Get the Full Text, has been created and is available on the Libraries YouTube channel.  The tutorial was the result of our recent transition away from SFX in May 2015, and a strong desire to offer a campus agnostic tutorial on using Find It.

Kate Peterson and Sunshine Carter scripted the tutorial, and worked with the talented Andrew Palahniuk and Lindsay Matts-Benson to bring the learning object to life. The group was extremely appreciative of the feedback provided by colleagues here in the University Libraries and other campus libraries. Please share the tutorial using the z-link

Your feedback, as always, is welcomed and appreciated.

-Sunshine Carter & Kate Peterson
AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH: African American Literature at the University of Minnesota Libraries
February is African American History Month, and in its commemoration there will be a display of books by African American authors in the Book Display shelves in the basement level of Wilson Library, and an essay in the Continuum space of the Libraries Home Page about African American literature in the collections at the University of Minnesota Libraries.

-Kimberly L. Clarke and Rafael E. Tarrago
Diversity Salon: American Denial: The Truth is Deeper than Black and White
Thursday, February 18, 2016
S30B Wilson
Bring lunch if you'd like

Following up on our two recent Libraries workshops on addressing implicit bias in the hiring process, the Diversity Outreach Collaborative invites you to join us for a Diversity Salon on the film American Denial.  We will screen the film and then have some time for discussion.  

If you are not able to join us for the entire time, consider watching the film on your own (it is available online to the U of M community) and coming for discussion during the last half hour. 
You may also be interested in taking the implicit association race test, which is mentioned frequently in the film. 

American Denial follows the story of Swedish researcher and Nobel Laureate Gunnar Myrdal whose study, An American Dilemma (1944),  posed a simple, disturbing question: How can Americans espouse a belief in liberty, equality and equal opportunity while enabling openly racist Jim Crow practices against black citizens? American Denial uses ‘the Myrdal question’ to probe and expose the power of denial and unconscious bias in what some have called a ‘post-racial’ America. His inquiry into the United States’ racial psyche becomes a lens for modern inquiry into how denial, cognitive dissonance, and unrecognized, unconscious attitudes continue to dominate racial dynamics in American life.

-Lara Friedman-Shedlov
For the Diversity Outreach Collaborative


Staff Recognition Day Planning Group
Come be part of the 2016 Staff Recognition Day Planning Group!
This is a call for volunteers to help plan the annual staff recognition day! If you are interested in being part of the planning of this fun event, please contact Sarah Segura, or (612) 624-9338.

-Sarah Segura

Staff Tidings and Kudos

Kudos to Shannon Farrell and Amy Gmur
Shannon Farrell and Amy Gmur received the following note from Prof. Ralph Holzenthal after they arranged a fascinating and energetic presentation of the Natural Resources Library's rare insect-illustration resources for his class, ENT 5051 Scientific Illustration of Insects: "Thanks very much for the tour last night.  It was amazing!  I know the students enjoyed it very much and were inspired.  I am going to meet with our new interim dept head and let him know that this is something the department might want to see.  It's a great showcase for the library and the department.  Really very special!" Thanks Shannon and Amy for all your hard work researching and setting up this inspiring presentation! 

-Philip Herold and Mark Desrosiers
Shannon Erb to Participate in Linked Data for Libraries Project
Shannon Erb, cartographic metadata librarian in DMA, was invited to contribute to the Linked Data for Libraries: Cartographic Materials project. The project, led by Marc McGee (Harvard), is part of the Mellon funded Linked Data for Production (LD4P) program. Members will contribute, over the duration of the 2-year work plan, in four main areas: building use cases; evaluation, selection, and development of ontologies and vocabularies; metadata creation, conversion, and entity reconciliation; and, best practices documentation and community outreach.  Many thanks to Ryan Mattke for making the connection between Shannon and Marc!

-Betsy Friesen, DMA
Kudos for Lisa Berg
I received the following wonderful appreciation from Scott Macho, Mentor Program Coordinator at Rosemount High School: "I run a program in my high school that requires our students to do an upper level research project on a specific topic in a career field they are planning to continue into in College.  For years we have been using the U of M for our students to gather information needed for this project.  I have students that are in virtually all the libraries across campus due to the wide variety of interests they have, and continually Lisa has gone above and beyond to help my students.  [...] Lisa has always taken my students under her wing and has provided incredible support to [them]. Every time they come back from the Vet Library they always comment on how much Lisa helped them and how nice she was.  For years I’ve never reached out to anyone to share how great Lisa has been for my kids, so I thought it was time that I share my appreciation for her.  Thank you for providing great staff and support in your libraries!"

Thanks as always Lisa for all your hard work and energy helping new users navigate the libraries! 

-Mark Desrosiers
Kudos for Jim Stemper
A few of our DMA staff have attended the IT@UMN's Analytics & Data Integration Formal Community of Practice (fCoP). Following the fCoP's last meeting, Jim Stemper created a Tableau visualization of the group's tech inventory survey which tries to dig deeper into the responses on criticality and number of users. Steve Gillard, Program Director, UFIN Institutional Analysis, responded: "Very interesting analysis and great visuals.  This helps more easily identify key areas of need and the tools used to address them." Great work, Jim!

- Betsy Friesen, DMA
E-Resource Management welcomes Adam Johnson
I'm pleased to announce that Adam Johnson has accepted the new E-Resource Management (ERM) Unit Library Assistant 3 position. Adam has been with MINITEX since 2001 and will begin his new position on Monday, February 8. He will have responsibilities in the areas of e-resource acquisitions and management and his desk will be located in 160 Wilson Library. His new phone number is 612-624-3965 and his email is

-Sunshine Carter
New PSE staff member
I am pleased to share that Julie Dinger has joined PSE as the East Bank R&L Operations Manager.  Julie joined us from the role of Public Services Manager with the Metropolitan State University Library and Learning Center in St. Paul, MN.  In addition to her work with Metro State, she has held library positions with the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library, the University of Minnesota Medical Center (Fairview) Library, and San Diego State University.  She holds an MLIS from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, an MA in English from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a BA in English from San Diego State University.
And I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Jody Kempf for serving as Interim Manager and helping to keep our operations working effectively.  Thank you Jody!
Please join me in welcoming Julie!
Julie Dinger
Office: 350 Walter Library
Phone: 612-624-3535
Fax: 612-625-5583

-Jeff Bullington

eTraining Sessions & Workshops

Also see Libraries Master Calendar

Remember the Ladies
Minitex and the University of Minnesota Libraries Regional Depository Library presents the webinar series, Remember the Ladies. This series will focus on women and U.S. federal government resources.

Remember the Ladies: Education
Wednesday, February 17, 2016  at 1:00pm CT / 2:00pm ET
Join us for the first webinar in our Remember the Ladies series. This session focuses on women and education. Attendees will develop an understanding of how to access government information that is rich with factoids about women and education.

Amy Riegelman
Kim Clarke

-Amy Riegelman
Session on Diversity Concepts, Instruction and the ACRL Framework
Have you been wondering how to incorporate Threshold Concepts from the ACRL Framework into your teaching? What about trying to include more diversity concepts in your instruction? Do you like popcorn?

Whether your answer is YES! to none or all of these questions, we hope you will join the Diversity Outreach Collaborative and the Teaching and Learning Coordinators for activities and discussion on how the ACRL Framework and diversity concepts intersect. 

You'll leave the session with two learning activities that you can customize for your classroom instruction as well as better understanding of the diversity components in the Framework. 

The details: 
Monday, February 8th, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Andersen 120
Kindly RSVP so we have approximate numbers for popcorn & handouts

Let me or one of the other members of the planning group (Amy Riegelman, Kim Clarke, Meghan Lafferty & Scott Marsalis) know if you have any questions. 

Hope to see you there!

-Lindsay Matts-Benson, Libraries Instructional Designer (on behalf of the Teaching & Learning Coordinators and the Diversity Outreach Collaborative)

Events & Exhibits

Complete schedule and more info via continuum

Event Highlight

Our Umbra Search: Bringing Black History Out of the Shadows
Thursday, February 18, 2016, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Elmer L. Andersen Library, Room 120
Artists Erin Sharkey and Junauda Petrus, co-founders of art collective Free Black Dirt, will deliver capstone presentations related to their Coffee House Press In the Stacks residency with the Archie Givens, Sr., Collection of African American Literature.
During their residency, Sharkey and Petrus explored the Givens Collection and used Umbra: Search African American History, ( to inspire new bodies of work and cultural production. They will be joined by the collection’s curator, Cecily Marcus; Tana Hargest, Executive Director of the Givens Foundation; and Jay Peterson from Coffee House Press to discuss libraries and archives as creative public spaces and cultural incubators.
More info:


-Libraries Communications Office

Exhibit Highlight

In Celebration of the Whittington Press
Wilson Library, T.R. Anderson Gallery
February 1 through May 13, 2016
Hours: The gallery is open during business hours at the James Ford Bell Library
Celebrating the acquisition of the more recent records of the Whittington Press, an internationally acclaimed letterpress printer located in Gloucestershire, England, this exhibit showcases items from what Governor Elmer L. Andersen heralded as “the outstanding press in the world.” The Libraries is the only repository in North America to hold every single item produced by the Whittington Press.
More information:

-Libraries Communications Office
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