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Monday Memo from the University Libraries
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Monday Memo from the University of Minnesota Libraries

Monday, October 24, 2016

For items to be included in the Monday Memo, please send all announcements to: before 12:00pm the preceding Friday.

News from Around the Libraries

Weekly space and construction update
This weekly update includes the latest information for Libraries staff about the special construction and space projects underway across our facilities. This week’s topics include:
  • Email to faculty and students about the Wilson Reference Room closure
  • Truck Loads of Dewey Books Move to Printing Services Storage
Wilson Reference Room Closure Communication
An email announcing the November 7 closure of the reference room and upcoming construction of a new collaboration studio will be sent this week to faculty and students in CLA, College of Design, CSOM, Humphrey, and CEHD. The email also will provide updates on the move of periodicals and the Dewey collection, as well as a reminder that the SMART Learning Commons is now located on the fourth floor. The email language is being finalized and will be sent out by end of day Monday.

Truck Loads of Dewey Books Move to Printing Services Storage
Approximately 75 book trucks of Dewey materials per day are being moved from temporary storage to long term storage in the Printing Services Building. The movers have been working since Monday, October 17, and have moved approximately 375 trucks out of a total of 600. When the project is completed, an estimated 820 trucks will have been filled and moved.

-Shaan Hamilton and Claire Stewart on behalf of the Wilson Capital Planning Coordination Committee
Now Accepting Strategic Digitization Proposals

Submission deadline: Friday November 11, 2016
More information included on the online proposal form.

The Strategic Digitization Review Group, in cooperation with Digital Library Services (DLS), is again soliciting proposals from all Libraries units for projects to digitize analog Libraries' materials in all formats. The purpose of the projects may be to enable or increase access to content, to preserve the content of rare, fragile, or at-risk collections, or both reasons. Libraries staff can submit a proposal(s) on behalf of their unit or department, or on behalf of a faculty member or academic program.

This call represents our sixth round of requests for strategic digitization projects. Visit our program page to view a list of projects accepted during the previous calls.

The Strategic Digitization Program is the result of recommendations laid out in the Libraries’ Digitization Framework and Strategic Digitization Recommendations documents.

-The Strategic Digitization Review Group

(Jason Roy, Mary Miller, Shannon Farrell, Stephen Hearn, Lois Hendrickson, Van Houlson, Nancy Sims, Lisa Vecoli)

Quickly Transfer Folder and File Ownership to
You are the owner of files and folders that you create or upload in Drive. In the LIB-TC Staff Drive environment, it is important that you transfer that ownership to Then, if the file or folder is accidentally deleted or moved, or if you leave the Libraries, (the Staff Web and Doc Managers) will be able to recover it. This also allows us to back up everything.
Ownership Transfer Tips
  • Making the owner does not share it with all Libraries staff. As an editor, you will still be able to make changes to the file or folder and control its permissions.
  • Ownership does not cascade from a folder to its subfolders and files; it must be changed for each file or folder.
  • Only the owner can transfer ownership. If you do not own a folder or file, ask the owner to make the change. If an owner no longer works at the Libraries, depending on the item’s importance, as a workaround you could make a copy of it, transfer ownership, and then delete the original.
Quickly Transferring Ownership of Your LIB-TC Content
We know it’s smart to transfer ownership, but we understand that it’s hard to remember to do this every time you create a file or folder in LIB-TC Staff Drive. Here’s how to easily find all of the content that you own in the Libraries’ shared space and transfer ownership of many files and folders at once:

To find all files and folders that you own in LIB-TC Staff Drive:
  1. Click the down arrow on the right side of the Drive search box.
  2. In the box of search options:
    1. In Owner, select Owned by me.
    2. In Shared with, start typing, and choose
                3. Press the blue Search button.

To transfer ownership of multiple items in your search results to
  1. Select multiple files/folders in the list using Shift-click and/or Ctrl-click.
    1. Note: We recommend selecting no more than 100-200 items at a time. See step 5 for more info.
  2. Right-click anywhere in the group of selections, then click Share.
  3. In the Share with others box that opens, click Advanced to open the Shared settings. Here, you will be listed as Is owner, and as Can edit (or sometimes as Varies).
  4. Click the drop-down menu next to and choose Is owner.

       5. Click Save changes, then Yes, then Done.
            1. Note: The ownership transfer happens pretty quickly, but it may take much longer for the display in the Drive list to update and show the new ownership of many items. We recommend transferring ownership of a batch of no more than 100-200 items, moving to another task while Drive updates the list, and then returning in 20 minutes or so to do another batch.

For more Google Goodies and help on Google Apps see the Libraries Sites & Drive & Groups Help web page.

-Staff Web and Document Managers: Charlie Heinz, Sue Koelmel, Wanda Marsolek, Sarah Segura and Mike Sutliff
Call for Winter/Spring news & exhibit information
University Libraries Communications needs your event and exhibit information for the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of News & Events. If you are hosting an event or exhibit occurring anytime January through May, please submit a brief description and a high resolution image to Karen at by Friday, November 18.

The event or exhibit information should include the following:

Event title, time, date(s) & location
Brief description of the event or exhibit
If the event is not free, please note associated ticket information
Image (minimum resolution of 300 dpi)

-Karen Carmody-McIntosh

Staff Tidings and Kudos

Farewell to Jon Jeffryes
Jon Jeffryes, Director for Social Science and Professional Programs, will be leaving the University of Minnesota Libraries. His last day in the Libraries will be November 1, but we will have a chance to thank him and say goodbye this Friday afternoon. 

You are invited to a farewell party for colleague and friend Jon Jeffryes.
Date: Friday 28 October 2016
Time: 2:30 - 4 pm
Place: Room S30A Wilson Library

-Claire Stewart
New Staff Member in the Map Library
It is my pleasure to announce that Melinda Kernik has accepted the position of Spatial Data Analyst & Curator and will start on October 31st. Melinda was most recently a Research Assistant working on the TerraPopulus project at the Minnesota Population Center. She earned her MA in Geography from the University of Minnesota in 2014 and a BA in History from the University of Minnesota-Morris. Melinda has also done some work for the Map Library in the past as graduate student working on the Campus History project.

The main components of this position revolve around the analysis and curation of geospatial data and will include consultation and advocacy, data curation, workflow analysis and process development, and involvement in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Data Project. 

Though located in the Map Library, this position is being funded through a partnership with the U-Spatial program. U-Spatial provides support for spatial research across campus.

Many thanks go to Shannon Erb, Len Kne (U-Spatial), Ryan Mattke, and Jenny McBurney for their work on the search committee, and to Kristi Jensen for chairing the search process.

-Kirsten Clark & Ryan Mattke
Ben Wiggins Publishes in Ethnic and Racial Studies
Ben Wiggins published an article in this month's Ethnic and Racial Studies, "Race and Place at the City Limits: Imaginative Geographies of South Central Los Angeles." The essay looks at the influence of paratexts, in this case film promotional materials, to re-locate stories based on racialized imaginative geography.

The article is available at: 

Congratulations, Ben!

-Jennie Burroughs

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