Librarian Personnel Committee


The Librarian Personnel Committee is an elected body whose purpose is to represent the issues and concerns of all Libraries Academic Professionals in the 97xx classes. It is comprised of six members, all Academic Professionals in the 97xx classes, which includes Librarians on the continuous appointment track, Librarians with continuous appointment, Librarians on annual appointments, Libraries Information Technology staff, and the Libraries' development officer.

The Librarian Personnel Committee assumes an advocacy role on issues where there is a general consent among the Academic Professionals. In this capacity, the Committee makes recommendations to the University Librarian regarding personnel policies and practices related to Academic Professionals, either at its own initiative or at the initiative of the University Librarian. The Chair of the Librarian Personnel Committee serves on the University Libraries’ Executive Committee and also carries forth to that body issues and concerns on which the Academic Professionals have reached general consent.

On all issues and concerns, the Librarian Personnel Committee’s activities are informed by wide-spread, regular consultation with the Academic Professional staff.


Rules / Guidelines

The rules by which the LPC operates. Changes to the Guidelines require a vote and majority approval. See (Proposed Revisions to the) Guidelines for Librarian Personnel Committee for current activity.

Current Members

Chair Responsibilities

  • Review LPC web pages for needed revisions and delegate to committee members appropriately
  • With P&A Senate representative, update listserv when staff arrive or depart
  • Serve on Libraries Executive Committee
  • Call committee meetings at least once a quarter
  • Ensure summer dossier clinics are scheduled at least every other year - last clinics June - August 2012
  • ?Appoint Chair of the Librarian Rank Peer Review Committee in consultation with the University Librarian.? 
  • Recommend a slate of members for the Peer Review Committee to the University Librarian
  • Recommend staff for election to LPC 
  • Issue call for nominations in consultation with Committee on Nominations and Elections 
  • Arrange at least one Meeting of the Whole Annually 
  • Attend merit review meeting with University Librarian

Member Responsibilities

  • Attend committee meetings
  • Complete any tasks delegated by the chair
  • Attend the dossier clinics
  • Recommend staff for election to LPC

Meeting Minutes / UMConnect Recordings


Dossier Clinics

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Personal Statements

Librarian Series Personnel Policies and Procedures

Projects / Initiatives

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