Welcome to the Q 4 Bassa!

Before anything, I must identify myself as tribal being in order to create my personal narrative as I am becoming the outsider within in this language learning process.

Tribal Name: Ngo Nsandjock Likinè
Tribal Affiliation: Ndog Ngond, Bàsàa-Mpo'o-Bati

My name is Veronica R Quillien. I am Ph.D. Student in Curriculum & Instruction, with a track in Culture and Teaching at the University of Minnesota. As a doctoral student doing a self ethnography case study, Bassa is at the epicenter of my research as I reclaim of my culture, identity and language. 

As a Foreign Language Area Study Fellow this year, I am taking two classes at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the course share program. The two classes are titled (1) Theories and Methods of Learning a Less Commonly Taught Language and (2) Directed Study of a Less Commonly Taught Language. My goal in taking those two classes is to assist me in the study of the Bassa language. This year long language acquisition (and lifelong learning) is approached as a Heritage Language. 

As part of my class assignment, I designed this website to help other learners of Bassa. In other word, the content is based on my own experience and I hope it will be useful to other learners. 

For any questions, please contact me at quill021@umn.edu