New Book

Our book, A Guide to Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms: History, Research, and Practice, was published by Stylus Publishing in June 2016. You can order it from Stylus Publishing. 

While Active Learning Classrooms, or ALCs, offer rich new environments for learning, they present many new challenges to faculty because, among other things, they eliminate the room’s central focus point and disrupt its conventional seating plan to which faculty and students have become accustomed.

The importance of learning how to use these classrooms well and to capitalize on their special features is paramount. The potential they represent can be realized only when they facilitate improved learning outcomes and engage students in the learning process in a manner different from traditional classrooms and lecture halls.

This book provides an introduction to ALCs, briefly covering their history and then synthesizing the research on these spaces to provide faculty with empirically based, practical guidance on how to use these unfamiliar spaces effectively.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - History of ALCs and the early research

Chapter 2 - What we currently know about active learning classrooms

Chapter 3 – Social Context

Chapter 4 - Common challenges and solutions

Chapter 5 –Assignments and Activities

Chapter 6 - Managing student groups

Chapter 7 - Assessments and Feedback

Chapter 8 – Supporting All Students

Chapter 9- Supporting Instructors 

Chapter 10 – Designing learning spaces research

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Paul Baepler,
Jul 31, 2015, 10:50 AM