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Turnovers in editors and staff each year tend to be the time when many things "fall through the cracks".  Here is a quick checklist of what you need to keep in mind for the IT department while you are transitioning to a new staff.

  • Email a complete list of staff (both new incoming members and old members who are returning) to well in advance of the time you need them to have access. (Alternatively, fill out the form below.)
    • The list should consist of x500 IDs, and contain:
      • everyone who needs access to main journal folder (all editors, staff, board, secretaries, etc.)
      • everyone who needs access to EIC Docs folder (usually EICs and office assistants, sometimes managing editors)
      • everyone who needs access to any other folders (AE/EB folders, etc.)
      • any specific printer permissions needed (e.g. if only EICs can print to journal printers, etc.)
    • Please DO NOT send just a list of new staff. These lists are used to REPLACE all permissions, so anyone not included on the lists will lose access!
  • Include specific dates for turnovers:
    • what date access should be given to the new staff and removed from the old.
    • any overlapping dates (usually only EICs).
    • any other important dates.
  • Listserv email list managers should turn over management of the lists to the next in line.
    • Be sure to update both list owners and editors for moderated lists.
    • List subscribers can be managed individually or via bulk actions in the web management interface.
    • For assistance, try the Listserv administrators: The Law School's IT department does not have access to your lists nor can we update the for you!  Make sure someone in your organization has access, passwords, etc., to your lists.
Please use this form to submit your changes to access permissions.