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Naming Conventions

Where/how to find things/Naming Conventions


Journals are abbreviated in the naming conventions for printers, computers, and file shares thus:
    • lr = Minnesota Law Review
    • jli = Journal of Law & Inequality
    • jil = Minnesota Journal of International Law
    • jlel = ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law
    • mjlst = Minnesota Journal of Law, Science, & Technology
(NB - thinking of changing this scheme to reflect the journals' departmental accounts, i.e. mnlawrev, lawineqj, mjil, jlel, mjlst; but some of these might be too long.)


    • Printers are named according the the pattern law-journal-room [(Model)], e.g. "law-lr-230 (HP 2430)"


    • Journal computer workstations are named law-journal-room[-description], e.g. "law-jil-220a" or "law-jli-230a-EIC"

File Shares

    • The files that are available to journals on the shared drive (\\\law\shared\) are named according to the following conventions:
    • Journal (main folder that all staff, editors, EICs, secretaries, etc. can access), e.g. "Law Review"
    • Journal EIC Docs (folder that only EICs and secretaries can access), e.g. "Law & Inequality EIC Docs"
    • Other folders (by request only) - these folders can consist of any groups or subgroups you would like, as long as we are supplied with updated lists of those who need access. Some examples may include:
      • Journal AE Docs (access to EICs, article editors, secretaries), e.g. "International Law AE Docs"
      • Journal EB Docs (access to editorial board), e.g. "Labor & Employment Law EB Docs"