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Getting Connected

Journal Computers

Anyone who is a member of your journal can log into the computer(s) in your journal's offices using their x500 ID and password unless a computer is specifically designated to be used only by a certain group (e.g. EICs, Article Editors, etc.)  

Journal Printers

To connect to your journal's printer from a laptop (if allowed by your journal's EIC), first make sure you have set up and can connect to the Law School's student printers, then:
  1. Open the start menu and type \\ into the search bar.
  2. Select your journal's printer from the list that appears and double-click it.
If your journal's printer does not automatically appear as an option when logging into a journal computer, you can follow the above steps to install the printer there as well.

File Shares (S: Drive)

To connect to your journal's shared drive (S: Drive) from a laptop:
  1. Open the start menu and type \\\law\shared into the search bar. (If this doesn't work, open a folder and type \\\law\shared into the address bar.)
  2. When prompted for a username and password, enter your username in the format:, where "user1234" is your UofM Internet ID. (Don't forget the "@ad."!)
  3. For quick access, make a shortcut to this location on your desktop.