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Equipment & Supplies

Ownership and cost of equipment and supplies

  • The Technology Office will provide computer workstations for each journal. This includes a computer, monitor, KB, mouse, etc.
  • Each journal is entitled to a single license for the Adobe Acrobat Professional software.  If you require this software to be installed on more than one workstation, the journal must  purchase additional licenses.
  • Printers can be purchased by the journals through the Technology Office . We will be happy to work with you to select a printer model that will be sufficient for your printing needs based on how many pages you need to print monthly and any other requirements you have for printing. We can also assist you in selecting other hardware such as scanners, additional LCD monitors, etc. 
  • Printer supplies must be purchased by the journals. This includes toner and paper for printers, which can be ordered through the Law School by contacting (The Technology Office cannot purchase supplies for you. Please do not take supplies such as paper from the student printers in the library!)
  • Printer repairs can be arranged through the Technology Office .  Technology will be billed for them, but the cost will be charged to and is the responsibility of the journal.