Audio/Video Equipment Checkout Hours & Contact

LATIS provides high-quality, professional video equipment for the College of Liberal Arts' classes or creative project needs. The loaner pool includes easy-to-use, high-definition cameras and all of the related equipment. Please note that LATIS does not provide extensive training on equipment. 

Equipment available for checkout:

    • UHD Video Cameras
    • Various Tripods
    • LED Lighting Kits
    • Microphones
    • Audio Mixers
    • Digital Audio Recorders
    • ...and more!

Checking out equipment:
  1. Have a basic understanding of the operation of video cameras and production before reserving equipment.
  2. Call or visit to set up your first reservation. Once a signed agreement of our Equipment Policy is on file, you will be able to make a make a reservation online.
  3. Arrive at scheduled time. Hours & Contact
  4. Check all pieces are in working order when you pick up the gear.
  5. Pick up and return equipment on time—late fees apply.
  6. Provide your own recording media (SD cards, etc.)
  7. Coordinate checkouts; weekend checkouts in advance of making reservation.

Never made a reservation before? 

For reservations or to renew, call 612-626-5881.

All pickup and drop-offs are done in 640 Rarig Center.

Please note:

Please note there are other checkout centers for other departments (for example ART and SJMC.) Be sure you are reserving and checking out from the right location.