Digitizing and Curating Media Collections

LATIS provides a designated team of experts to all CLA faculty, instructors, and departments to scan, catalog, and archive (long-term storage) teaching and research materials in audio, video, and image formats. Materials submitted will be added to the Digital Content Library (DCL) for access by all University of Minnesota staff, faculty, and students.

Service provided:
  • Scan, or otherwise convert, submitted materials into digital format.
    • Slides, photographs, images from books and other printed materials, digital images, VHS tapes, laser discs, audio cassettes, LPs, DVDs, and CDs are accepted.
  • Images are edited for quality.
  • Professionally cataloged according to creator, location, etc.
  • Published to the Digital Content Library .
Before you begin:
  • Curators do not digitize materials not intended for or not suitable for publishing to DCL. (Such as images downloaded from the web that have a watermark.)
  • At the curator's discretion, items deemed too fragile or extremely deteriorated will not be digitized.
  • The DCL cannot convert BetaMax tapes and 8 or 16 mm film.
  • Small requests of fewer than 50 images will be published within 10 business days or less. 
  • The DCL does accept large orders and an appropriate timeline will be determined. 
  • You will be notified when an order is complete and available on the DCL.
Ready to start?
  1. Complete the order forms (PDF) for all submitted materials.
  2. Bring materials to the DCL Office in 460 Heller Hall or send materials to 338 Heller Hall.
    DCL Work flow


Please call 612.624.2064 or email dcl@umn.edu.