Ph.D. Students

Three generations of students.
Three Generations of Students

One of the great things about being at the University of Minnesota is that it has given me a chance to get

With Roozbeh and Ali
involved with teaching and advising PhD students. Minnesota has been known for its students for years and I'm very lucky to have been involved with a great group of them during the time I've been here.

It begins with me/us challenging them, and ends with them teaching us some things that we never knew... they go from bright and eager first year PhD students, to struggling with research for the first time to co-authors. It's truly a wonderful transformation to be a part of. One of the best things about the program is the collection of PhD student workshops that we run. In these, a group of
With Aleh and Mike
advanced students meet regularly (e.g., weekly in our case) with a couple of faculty members to try out their research ideas.  It can be a bloody scene, but it is always a learning one as well.

My former advisees - where are they now?

The students I have worked with in the past and am working with now are a remarkable bunch. Here is a list of some that I have worked particularly closely with and who are now out in the cold real world making me proud....

 Laurence Ales ('08)
 Carnegie Mellon University
 Dissertation:  "Risk Sharing with Private Information
 Michael Bar ('05)
 San Francisco State University
 Dissertation:  "On Labor Force Participation of Married Women:  The Case of the U.S. Since 1959"
 Sebastien Buttet  ('06)    
 CUNY - Guttman Community College Business School
 Dissertation:  "Essays in the Economics of Gender:  Theory and Quantitative Analysis"
 Tayar Buyukbasaran ('14)
 Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
 Dissertation: "Essays on Macroeconomics"
 Francesca Carapella ('08)    
 Federal Reserve Board    
 Dissertation:  Banking Panics in a Dynamic General Equilibrium Framework"
 Sangwook "Stanley" Cho ('06)
 University of New South Wales
 Dissertation: "Household Wealth Accumulation in Korea"
 Ceyhun Elgin ('10)
 Bogazici University
 Dissertation:  “Essays on Dynamic Macroeconomics”
 Mike Golosov ('04)
 Princeton University
 Dissertation:  "Essays in Dynamic Fiscal and Monetary Policy"
 Roozbeh Hosseini ('08)
 Arizona State University
 Dissertation:  “Essays on Insurance Markets and the Role for Government”
  Rishabh Kirpalani ('16)
 Penn State
 Dissertation:   “Essays on Endogenously Incomplete Markets”   
 Oksana Leukhina ('05)
 University of Washington
 Dissertation:  "Essays on Historical Evolution of Output and Population"
 Stefania Marcassa ('09)
 Université de Cergy-Pontoise  Dissertation:  "Essays in Family and Labor Economics”
 Marcos Marcolino ('18)    
 Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Dissertation:  “Essays in Macroeconomics”
 Pricila Maziero ('09)
 University of Pennsylvania - Wharton
 Dissertation:  “Optimal Social Insurance and Non-exclusive Contracting”
 Urvi Neelakantan ('05)
 Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
 Dissertation: "Child Support: Trends and Policy"
 Facundo Piguillem ('09)    
 Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
 Dissertation: “Essays on the Political Economy of Taxation in Dynamic Settings”
 Filippo Rebessi ('16)
 California State University, East Bay
 Dissertation: “Essays on International Economics and Policy”
 Erick Sager ('13)
 BLS  Dissertation:  "Essays on Macroeconomics, Development and Financial Markets”
 Luis Sanchez-Mier ('04)
 Universidad de Guanajuato
 Dissertation: "Political Influence and Economic Organization"
 Anderson Schneider ('09)
 Infinium Capital Management
 Dissertation: "Three Essays on Public Economics and Heterogeneity"
 Alice Schoonbroodt ('06)
 University of Iowa
 Dissertation: "Baby Busts and Baby Booms: The Fertility Response to Economic Shocks"
 Ali Shourideh ('12)
 University of Pennsylvania - Wharton
 Dissertation: "Essays in Dynamic Macroeconomic Policy"
 Ctirad Slavik ('10)
 CERGE-EI, Prague  Dissertation: "Essays on Dynamic Economies with Frictions"
 Juan Sole ('03)
 IMF  Dissertation: "Essays on International Finance"
 Simge Tarhan ('09)
 Political Management Master's Candidate at GPSM
 Dissertation: “Essays on Corruption”
 Michele Tertilt ('03)
 University of Mannheim
 Dissertation: "The Effects of Family Structure and Property Rights on Fertility and Growth: the Case of Sub-Saharan Africa"
 Aleh Tsyvinski ('03)
 Yale University
 Dissertation: "Optimal Dynamic Economic Policy"
 Maxim Troshkin ('11)
 Cornell University
 Dissertation: “Essays in Dynamic Optimal Fiscal Policy”
 Klevi Xhaxho ('18)
 US Bank
 Dissertation:  “Essays in Macroeconomics”
 Ariel Zetlin-Jones ('12)
 Carnegie Mellon University
 Dissertation: "Essays on Macroeconomics and Financial Markets"
 Yuzhe Zhang ('06)
 Texas A & M University
 Dissertation: "Essays on Dynamic Economies"