Contact Information

Office Phone: 612-626-4562
Offices: ME 233 & SAFL 381
Labs: ME 76, SAFL 276 & SAFL water tunnel


Group Highlights

Our Vision
We are interested in: (I) understanding the fundamental dynamics involved in the interaction between flow and environment; (II) developing innovative imaging approach and instrumentation to tackle the challenges in the measurements of complex flow field for a wide range of applications; (III) Enabling multi-disciplinary research with advanced optical diagnostic tools developed for flow measurements

Current Research Focus
Complex Flows and Flow-structure Interaction in Wind Energy
In this research, we develop innovative approach to quantify the complex flows around utility-scale wind turbine and understand the fundamental dynamics involved in interaction between wind turbine and atmospheric boundary layer, which is significant for  enhancing the power generation and structure integrity of wind turbines and farms. 
Turbulence over Biological Surfaces
This research investigates how surface ornamentation of swimming organisms such as sharks influences their neighboring flow field and bio-locomotion. 
Ventilated Supercavitation
The research studies the fundamental fluid mechanics in high-speed underwater vehicle based on ventilated supercavitation. 
Instrumentation Design
The research aims at designing high resolution, highly compact, innovative flow and environment sensors for renewable energy, medical and environmental applications. 

Graduate students: Openings available for Fall 2018
Undergraduates: No paid openings available, but we do provide research opportunities for motivated undergraduates. The students are encouraged to apply for UROP to support themselves. Contact Prof. Hong with your CV and unofficial transcript.