Flow Field Imaging Laboratory

Contact Information

Email: jhong@umn.edu

Office Phone: 612-626-4562

Offices: ME 233 & SAFL 381

Labs: ME 76, ME 457, SAFL 276 & SAFL water tunnel


Our Vision

We are interested in: (I) addressing the fundamental questions regarding the nature of fluids and their interaction with surrounding environment; (II) developing innovative imaging approach and instrumentation to tackle the challenges in the measurements of complex flow field for a wide range of applications; (III) Enabling multi-disciplinary research with advanced optical diagnostic tools developed for flow measurements

Current Research Highlights

Full-scale Atmospheric Flows:

Using super-large-scale particle image velocimetry (SLPIV) with natural snowflakes, we study the fundamental characteristics of atmospheric flows and its interaction with utility-scale wind turbines across a scale of above 100 m with unprecedented resolution.

Turbulence over surfaces:

Using digital inline holography, we capture 3D motions of turbulent flow and how it interacts with surfaces over which it moves with a goal of developing innovative flow control methods for various applications.

Ventilated Supercavitation:

We image flow phenomena across a liquid-gas interface to investigate how we can control ventilated supercavitation for high-speed underwater transport.

Innovative imaging diagnostics:

We develop various innovative imaging-based measurement solutions and instruments for applications over a broad range of fields


Postdocs: 2-4 postdoc openings available on fundamental turbulence, optical imaging, microfluidics, and medical devices

Graduate students: 4-6 Openings available for Fall 2020

Undergraduates: Openings available for Summer 2021 for motivated undergraduates. The students are encouraged to apply for UROP to support themselves. Contact Prof. Hong with your CV and unofficial transcript.