Welcome to Ikuko Wada's Subduction Zone Geodynamics Research Lab.

Dr. Ikuko Wada currently holds a position as an Assistant Professor at the International Research Institute of Disaster Science at Tohoku University, Japan. She will be joining the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor in Geodynamics in Summer 2015.

Past and Current Research Topics
  • State of stress in the subducting and overriding plates and its relation to tectonic forces and seismicity
  • Depth of mechanical decoupling between the subducting slab and the overriding mantle and its role in controlling the mantle wedge flow pattern and subduction zone thermal structure
  • Effects of 3-D slab geometry and oblique subduction on mantle wedge flow and thermal structure
  • Subduction zone thermo-petrologic structure and its control on subduction zone processes, such as megathrust earthquakes, slow slip, tremors, intraslab earthquakes and arc volcanism
  • Evolution of mineral grain size in the mantle wedge and its effect on wedge properties (e.g., viscosity, seismic attenuation, and grain-scale permeability) and wedge dynamics
  • Pattern of aqueous fluid release from the subducting slab and the distribution of aqueous fluids in the slab, along the plate interface, and in the overlying material
  • Migration of aqueous fluids and melts in the mantle wedge and its relation to the location of the volcanic arc
  • Dynamic evolution of subducting slabs and mantle plumes through the mantle transition zone
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