Do you have a story that will help employees of the University of Minnesota understand the experiences of international students? If so, you could be approved for a Culture Corps monetary award. The following videos are examples of students who have shared their stories during the ISSS Intercultural Workshop Series. Please view these examples, then complete the Submit Your Story form.

"The panel was also extremely useful as it places my focus on listening to the student perspective, which is invaluable."-Intercultural Workshop Attendee

ISSS International Student Panelist Videos


Panelist : Fabio Hodo
Take Away : Try direct communication if your message is lost

Time Management

Panelist : Manaswinee Bezbaruah
Take Away : Incorporate student's past experience into advice


Panelist : Sumitra Madhuri Ramachandran
Take Away : Provide sensible accommodations


Panelist : Arash Mahnan
Take Away : Take time before interrupting 


Panelist : Ben Ma
Take Away : Allow each team member a chance to be the expert


Panelist : Sumyuktha Vijay
Take Away : Fully explain proper attribution


Panelist : Arpit Arora
Take Away : Discuss uncomfortable topics if they are important
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