ISyE Senior Design Project Sponsorship

The major design experience for ISyE students takes place in the Senior Design course where groups of 3-4 students work on projects proposed by ISyE industry affiliates. Each team works with a faculty advisor and industry mentor for 15 weeks to scope the project, perform analysis and discover insights, test and measure potential solutions, and deliver recommendations.

Characteristics of Successful Projects

  • Large scope and challenge commensurate with student time requirement
  • Significant value to sponsor
  • Use Industrial and Systems Engineering knowledge and methodologies
  • Scope includes opportunity for students to recommend a design or modification of a system or process
  • See past project examples

Benefits to Project Industry Partners

  • At least 150 hours of work from each student team member
  • Fresh perspective, proposals, and solutions to your important business problems
  • Project Charter, two Project Updates, final Project Report and Presentation to keep students and sponsors on the same page and maximum project value
  • Relationships with highly qualified Industrial Engineering students, which may lead to recruitment opportunities
  • Access to ISyE faculty knowledge and resources
  • See quotes from past sponsors

Expectations of Project Industry Partners

  • Commitment of Industry Mentor to team
    • Degree in Engineering or related field
    • Reasonable responsiveness to student contacts
    • Responsible for client-side organization (meetings, site visits, data, etc.), answering student questions
  • Commitment to providing access to data and site
  • True interest in project
    • Students are highly motivated to provide real value to sponsors!

Project Costs

  • The financial commitment for this course from corporate sponsors is a minimum gift of $5,000, which will support department activities.  Priority will be given to companies that agree to this financial commitment.

Proposing a Project

  • Projects may be proposed here: ISyE Senior Design Proposal.
  • Proposals received by October 13, 2017, will receive full consideration for Spring 2018. 
Contact Prof. Lisa Miller 
Phone: 612-625-7397