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Student Initiatives Fund

PASA is pleased to offer a dedicated source of funds for all Humphrey students. PASA created this fund to A) support new student organizations and B) to support students with initiatives that will mutually benefit society as well as the Humphrey community.

All requests will be reviewed by the Executive Board but priority will be given to proposals that display one or more of the following criteria:

  • First and foremost, new student groups and events sponsored by said group, that have not had previous funding, will be given priority.  
  • Events or Initiatives that aim to increase participation from the diverse Humphrey Community surrounding issues that do not have an active platform to be addressed. 
  • To groups with previously successful events where it can be demonstrated that funds were utilized efficiently and student participation goals were met.
  • Proposals that have a clearly defined asking amount and it is demonstrated that the group has reviewed available funds.
  • First come first serve

Please remember that each individual program has a Representative and a budget that can be accessed to sponsor events or initiatives that are aimed at your specific degree.  Please contact your Rep. for more information about utilizing these funds.  

Groups that receive funding will be asked to submit a brief review of the event or activity the funds supported.   

1) To apply please email Clark Koenigs (koeni229@umn.edu) with your idea/request.

2) PASA's executive board will briefly examine your idea/request and work with you to ensure that it meets both Humphrey and University policy.

3) PASA will send you a link to an online form where you will fill out your complete request.

4) The request will go before PASA for formal approval.

** Ideally this process should only take 1 - 2 weeks, it is largely dependent upon the timeliness of your response.