HSOCA is open to all students who wish to further the diversity goals of the Humphrey Institute and advance the collective interests of students of color. To this end, we direct our efforts to the following areas:
  • Advocacy: Represent students of color in the Institute's diversity efforts and objectives
  • Community Building: Provide strong peer support networks for all students of color at the Humphrey Institute
  • Recruitment/Retention: Actively participate in the recruitment and retention of students from underrepresented communities of color
  • Professional Development: Connect with alumni of color to facilitate networking opportunities and provide professional guidance and support to current students of color
  • Awareness: Organize and promote racial diversity events that support greater cultural understanding and interaction


HSOCA was established as an official organization in the Spring of 2010. It is the first student of color organization at the Humphrey Institute and is truly the product of a student-led initiative. The founding members were committed to advancing diversity on all fronts, and the lack of an official student presence on campus was hard to ignore. As a result, a core group of dedicated individuals came together and assumed the hard work of mobilizing students, creating a Constitution, and cultivating institutional support among faculty, staff, and administration. Today, HSOCA provides a formal channel of continuity for ongoing diversity efforts and creates an institutional memory that may be passed on to future students to grow and expand our work each year.

Meet the Board

Name - Jonathan Troung
Board Position - President
Program - Master of Public Policy

Name - Romilda Justilien
Board Position - Executive Vice President
Program - Master of Public Policy

Name - Gbaike Ajayi
Board Position - Secretary
Program - Master of Development Practice

Name - Jules Atangana
Board Position - Treasure
Program - Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Name -Gilles Ouedraogo
Board Position - VP of Programming
Program - Master of Development Practice

Name - Kylie Patterson
Board Position - VP of Public Relations
Program - Master of Public Policy

Name - Frantzie Saint-Juste
Board Position - VP of Diversity Outreach
Program - Master of Development Practice

Name - Vincent Vu
Board Position - VP of Recruitment
Program - Master of Urban and Regional  Planning

"Equality means equality for all-no exceptions, no 'yes, buts', no asterisked footnotes imposing limits." - HHH 1967


Read our Constitution (PDF)

Board Members 2012-2013

President - Jonathan Troung
Executive Vice President - Romilda Justilien
Secretary - Gbaike Ajayi
Treasurer - Jules Atangana
VP of Programming - Gilles Ouedraogo
VP of Public Relations - Kylie Patterson
VP of Diversity Outreach - Frantzie Saint-Juste
VP of Recruitment - Vincent Vu