OHR Upgrade Group

The role of the Office of Human Resources Upgrade Group is to:

  • Actively provide leadership within OHR and share responsibility for the success of the Enterprise System Upgrade Program
  • Support the OHR vision and principles for HRMS
  • Understand the direction, status, and issues related to ESUP in order to advise the vice president of human resources and to identify and assess the impact on the areas within OHR
  • Review and approve proposed business process and policy changes and advise on and assist with consultation with appropriate stakeholders
  • Provide guidance to the project team where needed
  • Provide resources with specific business knowledge for the upgrade tasks
Chair: Kris Hause
Coordinator: Nicole Salm

Rosie Barry
Organization Effectiveness
Kathy Brown
Office of Vice President
Carolie Carlson
Training Services
Dann Chapman
Susan Diekman
Patti Dion
Employee Relations
Patty Franklin
Office of Vice President
Kris Hause
HRMS Work Stream
Heather Kidd
Kelly Krattiger
Shirley Kuehn
Laura Negrini
Job Center and Compensation and Classification
Susan Rafferty
Policy and Compliance
Jennifer Reckner
HR Operations
Dan Sluka
CCI Partner
Brandon Sullivan
Leadership and Talent Development
Matt Smith Communications
Nan Wilhemson