ESUP HRMS Project Work Stream

HRMS Project Team

The Human Resources Management System Upgrade project team is comprised of University of Minnesota (UMN) staff and their Cedar Crestone (CCI) counterparts, who provide expertise to support system analysis, design, and development in the following areas:

  • Core HR
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Time and Labor
  • Recruiting Solutions
  • Absence Management

The team documents business processes, develops data conversion strategies and tactics, facilitates the Interactive Design and Prototyping (IDP) sessions, and much more.  


Tom AckermanPayroll Accounting Analyst (Consultant)
Nedra Barnes
Benefits Business Analyst (UMN)
Dennis Bortolus
Payroll Accounting Lead (SCI)
Natalie Dolinko
Testing (UMN)
James Ellis
HR Lead (SCI)
Joanne GustafsonHR SME (UMN)
Sarah HahneHR Business Analyst (UMN)
Kris Hause
HRMS Project Director (UMN)
Diana HuntingHR Business Analyst (Consultant)
Kevin Kelly
HR Conversion Lead (SCI)
Karen Klein
Payroll Lead (UMN)
Lisa Kruger
Business Process Documentation (UMN)
Shirley Kuehn
Benefits SME (UMN)
Nancy Lamers
Sudhaker Kudumula Absence Management Lead (SCI)
CJ Madsen
Greg Marks Time and Labor Lead (SCI)
Bonnie MartenHRMS/Portal (UMN)
Lori Mein
Absence Management SME (UMN)
Sheree Meier
Payroll Business Analyst (Consultant)
Keerthi Narasimha
Payroll Accounting Business Analyst (UMN)
Dennis Nelson
Time and Labor, Absence Management SME (UMN)
Ray NelsonHR Business Analyst (SCI)
Jalayne Nottom
Time and Labor Lead (UMN)
Silas Oliveria
Payroll Accounting Lead (UMN)
Sonnia Peter
HR Business Analyst (UMN)
Vinitia Phillips
Recruiting Solutions Lead (SCI)
Marc Pizarek
Benefits Lead (SCI)
AJ SawantPayroll Lead (SCI)
Dan Sluka
HRMS Project Director (SCI)
Erin Schaffer
Recruiting Solutions Lead (UMN)
Priyanka Sharma
HR Business Analyst (Consultant)
Shannon Shetka        
Benefits Lead (UMN)
Terry TaylorTest Coordinator (Consultant)
Temphy Thompson
Benefits Business Analyst (Consultant)
Jesse Vega
Recruiting Solutions SME (UMN)
Dave Weiler
Absence Management Lead (UMN)
Gretchen Wolfangel
HR Lead(UMN)