Oversight and Decision-Making

Since the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program is a business-led initiative, each work stream has its own governance and decision-making structure that feeds into the program governance structure. In the case of the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) work stream, this structure includes three HRMS-specific groups -- the HRMS Project Team, the HRMS Functional Steering Committee, and the OHR Upgrade Group --  plus the ESUP Integration Steering Committee and Executive Oversight Committee.

Two additional groups provide essential policy perspective and business-process and end-user perspective throughout the upgrade process: the Policy Sub-Group of the HRMS Functional Steering Committee and our identified Subject Matter Experts, or SMEs.

Together, these groups provide input to the HRMS system design process (called Interactive 
Design and Prototyping, or IDP). Once a thorough review and analysis of a business process and delivered PeopleSoft functionality is completed during IDP sessions and a recommendation emerges, that recommendation will be vetted and endorsed or sent back for further review and analysis by the governance groups above. Key stakeholders, user groups, and the broader community will also be consulted to ensure the recommendations and resulting system are as strong as the can be. The final decision on system design recommendation will be made by the cross-functional ESUP Integration Steering Committee and Executive Oversight Committee.

Click the image below for a better view of the HRMS Consultation Strategy.